Computer Cable Buying Guide (In-depth)

Computer cable buying guide

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July 21, 2021 By Richcom Technology –7 Min Read

In a world where technology and electrical devices are commonly found at every home, it is not surprising that many people complain that there are too many cables to keep track of.

The picture of a drawer, bed, or even a cupboard full of random computer cables is too common for all of us. Most people have the USB port as a household name for electrical devices, but most have no idea about different types of cables and connectors and their importance.

In this buying guide, we hope to explain different types of cables and let you know how they work, the advantages of computer cables and features to consider while buying these cables.

Types of Computer Cables:

1- HDMI Cable

computer cable buying guide richcom srilanka

HDMI (High definition Media Interface) is a sort of Computer cable used to send superior quality video and promising signs. Utilizing the HDMI cables, the sound and video sign can be effectively sent without compromising the nature of pictures and can send clear images using this Cable. The HDMI cables associate link boxes, TVs, DVD players, media decorations, and other electronic gadgets.

Types of HDMI Cables:

HDMI v1.4 Cable

This was the main HDMI Computer cable equipped for conveying a 4K (Ultra HD) picture, however, at only 30 edges each second (otherwise called 30Hz).

Since most 4K substance is best delighted in at 60 or 120 casings each second (or even 240 with a perfect quality gaming PC), a v1.4 computer cable isn’t suggested for the present 4K substance. Thus, if you have a 4K TV, you ought to stay away from v1.4 HDMI Computer cables altogether.

HDMI v2.0 cable

Next comes what is presumably the present most generally used rendition of HDMI, called v2.0. Introduced in 2013, these computer Cables can deal with 4K video at up to 60 casings each second, making them significantly more fitting for the present media decorations and game control center. They likewise support 10 and 12 cycle tones, making them viable with HDR10+.

HDMI v.2.1 cable

Talking about 2.1, the best-in-class HDMI standard showed up in 2018 and is the thing that you’ll require assuming you need to get the absolute best out of your home theater setup. These computer cables can convey information at an enormous 48Gbps, up from 18 Gbps for HDMI 2.0.

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2- VGA Cables

vga cable buying guide

VGA (Video Graphics Ray) Cable is another sort of Computer Cable which is utilized for conveying video messages and is used to connect the screen and the CPU of a PC. The VGA cable can likewise be used in HD TVs. All the data shown on the screen is coming from the VGA link. There is an aggregate of 15 pins in the computer cable module, which has three lines containing five pins each.

If you want to purchase the VGA cable, we offer the best VGA Cable price in Srilanka.

3- USB Computer Cable

USB means “Universal Serial Bus” and was made an industry standard for connectors and computer cables worldwide on electrical gadgets like PCs, telephones, apparatuses, and different peripherals. Before the coming of USB, electrical makers made their force and connector cables, integrating customers with buying their computer cables, chargers, and force connectors.

The general idea of the USB port, connector, and Cable has implied that they have become progressively everyday must-have things on present-day electric gadgets like printers, consoles, cameras, computer game regulators, and cell phones.

4- Ethernet Computer Cable

Network cable srilanka

An Ethernet computer cable, which is also known as a network cable, is a type of cord that is connected from a router, network switch, or modem to your computer. It gives your device access to LAN, which stands for Local Area Network. This means that it gives your computer access to the internet. It comes in different cable speeds such as Cat 5 and Cat 6.

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5- Power Computer Cable

A power cable, also known as the main cable or a power cord is the primary cable that helps provide power to your computer, monitor, printer or other components of a computer. One of its ends is plugged into the computer while the other one to an electrical board to supply power to your computer.

 6- Printer Computer Cable

A printer computer cable is a type of cable which is used for connecting a printer to your computer. It is used to transmit the printing commands and functions from your computer to the printer. This computer cable has a connector on each end.

7- USB Extension Cable

usb extension cable 3

A USB Extension cable, also called USB extension lead, is used to provide the connection from computers to other devices which are similar to standard USB leads if you have a peripheral like Printer, which doesn’t have a long cable for you to connect, you can use an extension cable to connect it to your required port.

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Advantages of Computer Cables

Let’s talk about the advantages of computer cables now. A computer cable can be used to connect different kinds of devices to a system and perform some operations.  A computer cable can easily transfer digital and analog signals through it. Some of the computer cables are even capable enough to transfer electric power through it just like a USB cable.  We can use a computer cable to watch movies, play games, listen to music and do many more things. Ethernet cables are to connect the computers to the internet world.

Things to consider before choosing the right cables

Everyone dreams of having perfect quality computer cables with great features but not everyone can live that dream. People have a hard time choosing the perfect cable for their required purpose as while buying cables there are a lot of choices. One of the main things to remember is not to buy any expensive cable on the promise of a great experience.  So here we are making it easier for you. Let’s talk about what things to consider before buying the perfect Computer Cable.


●       Cable Version

One of the main things to consider is the version. You need to make sure you are buying the correct version that you need for your required purpose. There are different versions of every type of cable and every version comes with different features and new capabilities.

Most cables state the features they come with so you need to keep them in mind while choosing your cable. For example, if you require a 4K video, you’ll have to buy an HDMI cable supporting that. So if you keep this thing in mind, you can save your money in getting the right cable for yourself.

●       Reliability

You must be thinking there won’t be any picture quality difference in a good or bad cable, so why to consider this feature. A good cable can last you a long time, while a bad one won’t last you a long time. Sometimes the low-cost cables are very reliable too because of their quality. So getting a low-cost cable doesn’t mean they are not good enough but it’s just that you need to look into it wisely and select the perfect one for yourself.

●       Required Length

Some cables don’t require a lot of land because of the less distance between connectors. But you need to consider this feature while buying a computer cable because sometimes you need a lengthier cable.

There are a lot of sizes and names of computer cables available in the market so it will not give a hard time choosing a perfect cable with great length.  It is not necessary to get a very lengthy cable just in case you need it but we’ll recommend you to get one that is neither too short nor too long.

●       Reading the reviews

Just like checking out the reviews before trying out a new restaurant and or buying a book, you also need to check the reviews of the cables to compare and test the required cables.

Before deciding on it, it is required to read some reviews given by computer experts based on different factors so if you are thinking of getting a computer cable, make sure to check out the reviews and feedback from different people.

Other Features to Consider

Gold-Plated Connectors

With time cable connectors that don’t have gold plating on them can require cleaning or a replacement. Sometimes there is a corrosion build-up in these cables if they are not gold plated.

But if the cable is plated with gold, it will never stop giving its high-level performance. So gold plated is a must-have feature in every type of cable to ensure a top-quality picture even after a long time.

Cables with Gripping Connectors

Every cable has a specifically designed connector to grip the port to prevent disconnection and signal disruption. The gripping connectors prevent vibrations that can loosen the connection with time.  This feature should be considered to ensure that the cables stay connected to your device in all possible conditions.


Every type of computer cable comes with advantages and disadvantages. These cables have different values and purposes. The computer cables are standard cables which means they can be used to connect to any kind of system. The performance of the cable depends on the size or length of the cable and the reliability of the cable.

All things considered if you are looking for the best quality computer and head over to Richcom, where we have an assortment of computer cables to fit your desires just the right way.

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