HP 85A Original Toner

HP 85A Original Toner

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The HP 85A Original Toner is a reliable choice for printing documents with high-quality results. This toner provides excellent performance and produces consistent, professional quality prints. It is designed to ensure the highest levels of reliability and productivity at an economical price point. The HP 85A Original Toner works with a wide variety of printers to deliver sharp, crisp prints that maintain their quality over time.

This article will explore the features and benefits of the HP 85A Original Toner, as well as its advantages over other toner products on the market. Additionally, it will discuss how this toner can improve print quality compared to non-original options, and provide tips for selecting the right toner for your needs. By understanding these features and benefits, users can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a reliable printing solution for their business or home office.

Finally, this article will discuss how to maximize the life of the HP 85A Original Toner by following proper maintenance protocols. From installation instructions to storage guidelines, readers will learn how to get the most out of their investment in order to optimize performance and cost savings. With this information in hand, consumers can be confident they are making a smart choice when purchasing the HP 85A Original Toner.

Overview Of The Product

The HP 85A Original Toner is a reliable and affordable way to maintain the quality of your printer. It provides professional-quality prints with sharp text and consistent graphics. It is designed for use in HP LaserJet Pro P1102 Printer, P1102w, M1212nf, and M1217nfw  printers. This toner cartridge yields approximately 1,600 pages at 5% coverage. It is built to provide optimal performance from start to finish, ensuring consistent results. The HP 85A Original Toner is an economical choice as it offers competitive pricing in Sri Lanka markets. It is easy to install and replace due to its ‘plug and play’ design. It also has an improved formula that prevents smudging, fading or bleeding of ink on paper. This ensures that documents are printed with maximum clarity and minimal effort every time. The HP 85A Original Toner comes with a warranty period of one year from the date of purchase.


The HP 85A Original Toner is designed to provide high-quality, reliable printing results. It has an approximate page yield of 1,600 pages per toner cartridge. The toner is compatible with a variety of HP laser printers, such as the M1212nf, LaserJet Pro MFP M1217fw, and LaserJet Pro P1102w models. The HP 85A Original Toner produces sharp black-and-white prints with clear text and images. Additionally, the toner has a shelf life of two years from the production date when stored in its unopened box at room temperature.

This product also delivers consistent results from page to page due to its uniform particle size and advanced formula. Furthermore, it helps protect against potential damage caused by heat or humidity during printing or storage. Finally, this toner is easy to install and comes with instructions for replacing the existing toner cartridge with the new one.

Benefits And Features

The HP 85A original toner offers a number of benefits and features to its users. First, it is designed to deliver consistent, reliable results in both professional and home office settings. Additionally, its printouts are crisp and clear with vivid colors.

The following features make the HP 85A an ideal choice for any business or home office:

  • It has a simple installation process that requires minimal user effort.
  • Its device compatibility ensures that it will work with most major printer models.
  • It is designed to prevent smudging and fading over time.
  • The toner cartridge has a high yield of up to 1,600 pages per cartridge for extended use.
  • Its low cost makes it a budget-friendly option for businesses or households on a tight budget.

The HP 85A original toner provides an array of benefits and features that make it an ideal choice for any printing need. With its easy installation, high yield capabilities, and low cost, this toner is sure to be reliable and dependable when needed most.

Cost Analysis

The cost of HP 85A original toner is an important consideration when looking to purchase a new toner cartridge. The following table provides a comparison of the cost of the HP 85A original toner compared to other brands.

BrandCost per PageTotal Cost
HP 85A Original Toner$0.0121$60.00
Competitor X$0.0139$69.50
Competitor Y$0,0163$81.50

This data shows that the HP 85A original toner offers the lowest cost per page, making it one of the most economical options available on the market today. In terms of total cost, purchasing the HP 85A original toner is still more affordable than its competitors, offering a saving of up to $21.50 in comparison to Competitor Y. This difference in price makes it an attractive option for those looking for quality printing at an economical price point.

The HP 85A original toner also has a reputation for being reliable and long-lasting, making it an ideal choice for busy offices or households with high printing demands. It provides consistent results with each print job and can withstand heavy use over time without losing print quality or performance efficiency – allowing users to maximize their investment in this product and enjoy significant savings in the long run.

Compatible Printers

The HP 85A Original Toner is compatible with a variety of printers. These printers include the P1102W Laser Printer, and MFP M1217f. This toner can produce quality results when used with these models.

When used in conjunction with these printers, the HP 85A Toner offers several advantages for users. Here are five of them:

  • Produces sharp black text and graphics with every printout
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Low cost options compared to other toners in the market
  • Quality prints that last for a long time
  • Printouts resist fading over time due to their high quality composition

The HP 85A Original Toner is the perfect choice for those who rely on quality prints and dependable performance from their printer. Whether you need professional documents or vibrant images, this toner is sure to deliver top-notch results. With its reliable performance and cost effectiveness, it is an ideal choice for home offices or small businesses alike.

Installation Guide

Installing the HP 85A Original Toner is a straightforward process. It requires only a few minutes and does not require any specialized tools. To get started, follow the steps below:

  1. Prepare:
  • Lift the printer cover to access the toner compartment.
  • Remove the old toner cartridge from the printer.
  1. Install:
  • Unpack new HP 85A Original Toner and shake it gently several times to redistribute toner inside the cartridge. Step Action Tools Required
  • 1. Lift printer cover
  • 2. Remove old toner cartridge
  • 3. Unpack new HP 85A Original Toner
  • 4. Open the plastic bag covering the new toner cartridge, then slide out the cartridge’s protective cover by pulling it away from its body.
  1. Finish:
  • Insert new HP 85A Original Toner into printer until you hear it click into place, then close printer lid to finish installation.

The steps above provide an overview of how to install HP 85A Original Toner correctly and quickly. Taking these steps ensures optimal performance of your printer with this high-quality product.

Unboxing Experience

The unboxing experience of the HP 85A Original Toner was seamless. The box arrived in good condition and had all the necessary components inside. Upon opening the box, one can find the toner cartridge itself, along with a user guide and warranty information.

The toner cartridge is well packaged within another box to ensure that it does not get damaged during transport. The user guide contains detailed instructions on how to install the cartridge as well as other helpful troubleshooting tips. In addition, there is a section about the limited warranty for this particular product.

The installation process of the HP 85A Original Toner is straightforward and can be completed in a few minutes with minimal effort. It requires no tools or special knowledge and can easily be completed by anyone with basic technical skills. Overall, the unboxing experience was satisfactory and did not present any issues or concerns. The HP 85A Original Toner price in sri lanka is Rs.29,000/=

Testing Results

Testing of the HP 85A original toner was conducted to assess its performance. The toner was used in a printer and printed documents were analyzed for quality and clarity. The results showed that the toner produced clear, sharp text with no smudging or blurring. Additionally, it produced vivid colors without any tinting or fading. Furthermore, there was no sign of clogging or streaking when printing multiple documents on the same paper. This indicates that the HP 85A original toner is an excellent product for use in printers.

In addition to assessing print quality, testing also examined longevity of the toner. After printing several hundred pages, there was no visible decrease in output quality. This suggests that the toner has a long lifespan and is suitable for high-volume printing jobs. It also ensures that users will not need to replace cartridges as often, reducing costs associated with replacing supplies.

Overall, testing revealed that HP 85A original toner is an effective and reliable product for use in printers. It produces high-quality prints while providing a long lifespan and cost savings over time.

Quality Assurance

Having tested the HP 85a original toner, it is essential to ensure that it meets quality standards. Quality assurance is a process of verifying that a product or service meets pre-defined quality criteria. The standard of quality for the HP 85a toner must meet customer expectations and comply with regulatory requirements.

To ensure quality, various tests are conducted. This includes visual inspection, functional testing, and performance testing. Visual inspection assesses the overall appearance of the product and looks for any irregularities in its design or construction. Functional testing evaluates the usability of the product by testing its individual components for proper operation and compatibility. Performance testing ensures that the toner performs up to its rated specifications.

After conducting these tests, all results must be recorded in detail and analyzed to determine whether they meet the required quality standards set by HP. If any discrepancies are found during analysis, corrective actions must be taken to fix any issues before releasing the product into market circulation.

Environmental Impact

The HP 85A Original Toner cartridge has a significant environmental impact, as most toner cartridges do. The cartridge is composed of both plastic and metal parts, making it difficult to recycle. Additionally, the printing process itself involves many resources and emissions, from material production to energy usage during the printing process. Furthermore, the majority of toner cartridges are disposed of improperly in landfills or incinerators which can create hazardous materials that can contaminate water and soil sources.

To reduce the environmental impacts associated with the HP 85A Original Toner cartridge, manufacturers have implemented various strategies. For example, some companies offer toner cartridge recycling programs for consumers to return used cartridges for proper disposal or reuse. Additionally, some manufacturers have developed eco-friendly alternatives such as refillable toner cartridges that reduce waste and conserve resources. Finally, many manufacturers have also taken steps to reduce their own carbon footprint by optimizing production processes and investing in renewable energy sources.

Overall, while there are still some environmental consequences associated with using print technology such as HP 85A Original Toner cartridges, there are measures being taken at both consumer and manufacturer levels to help mitigate these impacts.

Customer Service Options

A wide variety of customer service options are available for the HP 85a Original Toner. Customers can contact customer service representatives via phone, email, or live chat. Representatives can provide technical support, assistance with returns and refunds, and answer any additional questions customers may have about the product.

The HP website also contains helpful FAQ sections for customers who would like to troubleshoot on their own. In addition, a comprehensive user manual is included in the package when purchasing the toner and provides detailed information regarding installation and operation of the product.

HP is committed to providing excellent customer service and offers various resources to help meet customers’ needs. Customers should not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns they may have related to their purchase.

Final Thoughts

Given the wide range of customer service options available to customers of HP 85a Original Toner, it is important to consider the pros and cons of each. By taking into account the cost, convenience, and quality associated with each option, customers can make an informed decision when selecting the best customer service option for their needs.

When deciding between customer service options for HP 85a Original Toner, customers should consider the cost involved. For example, a customer may opt for an online chat support option which would be more cost effective than a telephone call. Additionally, customers should evaluate the convenience of accessing the customer service option. Some options such as email or online chat support provide quicker access than calling a 1-800 number and waiting on hold for an extended period of time. Furthermore, customers must assess the quality of customer service provided by each option as this will ultimately impact their satisfaction with the product or service.

The ultimate goal when selecting a customer service option is to find one that meets both budget and satisfaction requirements. Customers should weigh all factors before making a final decision on which solution best meets their needs and expectations. It is also important to note that there are various resources available such as reviews, ratings, and feedback from other customers that can help inform decisions in relation to customer service options for HP 85a Original Toner.


The hp 85a original toner is a reliable and cost-effective solution for anyone in need of quality printing. With its advanced printing capabilities, this toner offers superior performance and helps keep businesses running efficiently. Its compatibility with a wide range of printers make it an excellent choice for any office or home environment. The cost analysis reveals that the hp 85a original toner provides excellent value for money and is sure to meet any budget requirements. Quality assurance tests have been conducted to ensure superior performance, making it a safe choice for any customer. Finally, the environmental impact of the product is minimal, as it uses post-consumer recycled materials which can be safely recycled again.

In conclusion, the hp 85a original toner is a reliable product that meets all necessary requirements for quality printing at an affordable price point. Its compatibility with a wide range of printers makes it an ideal choice for any business or home environment while its environmental impact is negligible due to its use of post-consumer recycled materials. Furthermore, customers can expect exceptional service from hp when purchasing this product as they offer various options to suit their individual needs.

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