Distribution Box in Sri Lanka

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In Sri Lanka, the role of outdoor distribution boxes in telecommunications infrastructure is paramount. The study aims to examine three models from Wintek: the 50, 30, and 100 pair outdoor distribution boxes.

It seeks to evaluate their efficiency, durability and contribution to the overall connectivity in diverse Sri Lankan settings.

This paper presents an in-depth analysis of these devices, highlighting their significance in the country’s telecommunications landscape.

Wintek 50 Pair Outdoor Distribution Box

The Wintek 50 Pair Outdoor Distribution Box has been widely adopted in Sri Lanka due to its robust construction and high capacity for telecommunication applications. This distribution box is designed to accommodate 50 pairs of telecommunication lines, providing a centralized point for the connection and distribution of voice and data services. Its sturdy construction ensures resistance to environmental factors such as temperature fluctuations, moisture, and physical impacts, thereby ensuring uninterrupted service delivery.

A distinct feature of the Wintek 50 Pair Outdoor Distribution Box is its easy accessibility. Maintenance and service personnel can access the box without difficulty due to its user-friendly design, thus facilitating efficient and quick problem resolution. Moreover, its compact design allows for easy installation and space-saving deployment, making it suitable for both urban and rural environments.

Apart from the physical aspects, the box’s high capacity promotes network efficiency. By accommodating multiple connections in a single location, it simplifies network infrastructure and reduces the need for multiple distribution points. This efficiency is particularly beneficial in densely populated areas where space is at a premium.

Additionally, the Wintek 50 Pair Outdoor Distribution Box is compatible with various types of cables and connectors, providing flexibility in network design and facilitating integration with existing infrastructure. This compatibility extends its usability, making it a preferred choice for diverse telecommunication needs.

Wintek 30 Pair Outdoor Distribution Box

Wintek 30 Pair Outdoor unit, commonly utilized in telecommunications, has proven to be highly efficient and reliable in various weather conditions. The device is designed to facilitate the organization and distribution of telecommunication lines, enhancing the efficiency of network management. Its robust construction ensures it can withstand harsh environmental conditions, making it suitable for outdoor installation.

This distribution box can accommodate up to 30 pairs of telecommunication lines. The innovative design enables easy access to the cables and simplifies the task of network management. It provides a secure and compact solution for the distribution of telecommunication lines, reducing the risk of cable damage and ensuring uninterrupted network connectivity.

The Wintek 30 Pair Outdoor unit is constructed from high-quality materials that offer resistance against environmental factors such as humidity, dust, and heat. This feature ensures its longevity and optimal performance, even in challenging weather conditions. The interior design of the unit provides ample space for the accommodation of cables, thereby preventing overcrowding and allowing easy access for maintenance purposes.

The application of this distribution box is not limited to telecommunications only. In the energy sector, for instance, it can be used for the distribution of electrical circuits. Its robust construction and easy accessibility make it an ideal choice for such applications.

Wintek 100 Pair Outdoor Distribution Box

Accommodating up to 100 pairs of telecommunication lines, an upgraded version of the previously discussed unit offers enhanced capacity and efficiency for network management in various sectors. This particular version, the Wintek 100 Pair Outdoor Distribution Box, presents notable advancements in terms of capacity, design, and durability. The improved features significantly elevate its adaptability in efficiently managing a wider range of telecommunication lines.

The following characteristics underline the enhanced capabilities of the Wintek 100 Pair Outdoor Distribution Box:

– **Increased Capacity:**

– The unit can accommodate up to 100 pairs of lines, doubling the capacity of the previous model.

– This capacity expansion allows for a more extensive network management, catering to larger sectors.

– **Improved Design:**

– The design of the box is engineered to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, ensuring the integrity of the connections.

– The layout within the box is organized to facilitate easy identification and management of the lines.

– **Enhanced Durability:**

– The box is constructed with high-quality materials that resist weathering, ensuring a longer lifespan.

– It is also designed with protective features to safeguard against physical damage and tampering.


In conclusion, Wintek offers a range of outdoor distribution boxes in Sri Lanka, accommodating 30, 50, and 100 pairs.

These products offer robust solutions for telecommunication needs in various outdoor settings. For more info on Distribution Box Prices in Sri Lanka.

The diversity in pair capacity ensures flexibility for different scale requirements, making Wintek a reliable choice for outdoor telecommunications distribution in the Sri Lankan market.

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