Wifi Camera in Sri Lanka (Updated 2024)

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This article explores the increasing prominence of WiFi cameras in Sri Lanka. It focuses on the indoor and outdoor applications of Ezviz WiFi camera models.

The article provides an in-depth analysis of these innovative devices, examining their specifications, usage, and impact on Sri Lankan households. It delves into the features that make Ezviz WiFi cameras stand out from other options available in the market.

Additionally, the discourse further elucidates the technological advancements in WiFi cameras and their significance in enhancing home security systems within the Sri Lankan context.

Overall, this article aims to shed light on the growing popularity of WiFi cameras in Sri Lanka and their role in revolutionizing home security.

Ezviz H3C Smart Home Wifi Camera Outdoor

The Ezviz H3C Smart Home Wifi Camera Outdoor is a popular choice in Sri Lanka for its versatility and two-year warranty. This advanced security solution is designed to offer high-quality surveillance and remote monitoring, contributing significantly to the enhancement of home security measures. Its popularity is primarily attributed to its wide range of features, robust design, and reliable performance.

Equipped with a high-definition lens, the camera provides clear, crisp images, ensuring that every detail is captured accurately. The built-in infrared night vision feature enables the camera to provide effective surveillance even in low light conditions. The device is also capable of motion detection, further enhancing its security capabilities by alerting homeowners of any suspicious activity.

Offered by Ezviz, a global leader in smart home technology, the H3C Smart Home Wifi Camera Outdoor guarantees durability and reliability. The device is resistant to various environmental elements, as it is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. The two-year warranty provided further instills confidence in the product, ensuring that any technical issues encountered during this period are adequately addressed by the manufacturer.

The camera’s wifi connectivity facilitates remote monitoring, allowing homeowners to view real-time footage from their smart devices. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who are frequently away from home, as it provides them with the ability to monitor their property at any time and from anywhere.

Ezviz H6C Smart Home Wifi Camera Indoor

Ezviz H6C Smart Home Indoor device provides a comprehensive surveillance solution with its advanced features and 2 years warranty. The device is designed to offer a seamless integration into any smart home system while ensuring maximum security. The Ezviz H6C encompasses a myriad of features such as high-definition video recording, motion detection, and two-way audio communication.

The device’s advanced features can be categorized into four main areas:

1. High-definition video recording: The Ezviz H6C provides high-quality video recording, ensuring clear images even in low light conditions. This feature allows for easy identification of persons or objects in the video footage, providing irrefutable evidence in case of security breaches.

2. Motion detection: The device is equipped with a motion detection feature that alerts users in real-time whenever movement is detected. This feature ensures that any unusual activities are promptly reported, reducing the likelihood of security incidents.

3. Two-way audio communication: The Ezviz H6C features a two-way audio communication system. This function allows users to communicate with people in the vicinity of the camera, offering a means of interaction or even deterrence in case of an intrusion.

4. Two years warranty: The Ezviz H6C comes with a two-year warranty. This warranty provides protection against defects in materials and workmanship, offering peace of mind to users about the quality and durability of the product.

Ezviz H8C Smart Home Wifi Camera Outdoor

Offering an extension of home surveillance to outdoor spaces, H8C Smart Home device incorporates advanced features such as high-definition video recording, motion detection, two-way audio communication, and a two-year warranty. This outdoor Wifi camera signifies a significant advancement in surveillance technology in Sri Lanka, providing optimal security measures for homeowners.

The high-definition video recording capability of the H8C camera allows for the capture of clear and sharp images, effectively facilitating identification and recognition processes. This feature is particularly beneficial for outdoor surveillance where varying light conditions can often compromise video quality.

Motion detection is another key feature of the H8C camera. This technology enables the device to detect movements in its field of view, triggering a recording that can later be reviewed. Moreover, this feature enhances the effectiveness of the surveillance system by reducing the amount of non-essential footage, thereby saving storage space.

Equipped with two-way audio communication, the H8C camera provides an interactive surveillance experience. This feature allows for real-time communication between the user and the person within the camera’s field of view, offering an additional layer of security.

Underscoring consumer confidence in the product, the H8C camera comes with a two-year warranty. This warranty implies the manufacturer’s trust in the quality and durability of the device, providing consumers with assurance and peace of mind. Please check out Wifi Camera Prices in Sri Lanka.


In conclusion, the utilization of Ezviz H3C, H6C, and H8C smart home wifi cameras in Sri Lanka has significantly enhanced home security.

These devices offer both indoor and outdoor surveillance, providing comprehensive protection for residential properties.

Their integration into smart home systems offers convenience and peace of mind for homeowners.

Therefore, the adoption of such innovative technology is a positive development in the field of home security in Sri Lanka.

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