Do I need a Wireless Access Point or a Router for my business? (Product Comparison)

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June 19, 2021 By Richcom Technology –2 Min Read

From the past couple of decades, we have seen an evolution in internet technology. Various new devices are in the market that help the internet and Wireless Access to the networks. A couple of those devices are a Wireless Access Point and a Wireless Router.

Difference between Wireless Access Point and Wireless Router

Both devices have their advantages. But there is a distinction between these two and we must know them before selecting a device.

  • A router is a device that connects the computer devices to form a LAN. The router provides an internet connection to all the devices that are linked with the network. You can form a local area network by connecting the devices with a central router. We can use ethernet cables or WIFI signals to form a LAN.
  • An access point is a portal for devices to connect with a LAN. Its basic purpose is to extend the wireless coverage of a network. It also increases the number of users that can connect with the existing network. We need to connect the router with the access point to convert the signals into WIFI.

Which option is better for businesses?

It depends on the nature of your business to select a device out of two options. If you are running a small business with minimum internet activity, you can use a WIFI router.

But for large-scale businesses with maximum internet usage, a tp-link access point will be a better option. It is a reliable wireless network. It can help multiple employees in your office connect with a single network.

Advantages of a Wireless Access Point

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So far, we were able to learn that a large business needs to have an access point to facilitate more users. You can get ceiling mount access points to increase the quality of your internet. There are many advantages of using it for a business and some of them are here in the discussion.

User Access

The primary requirement of a business is to have max people connected with their central network. This helps the company ensure the highest standards of privacy and quality. But, if you are using a router, it can allow 10-20 users to connect at a time.

However, multiple users on a router can affect the internet speed and the quality of the internet as well. To avoid the situation, we recommend using an access point. It will allow you to connect 50 users with the network. Sometimes, this value can increase hundred as well, depending upon the quality of the product.

Transmission Range

In large offices, it is not possible to provide internet access by using a router. A wireless router can transmit the signals to 10-12 meters. But an access point can transmit your internet signals to 100-300 meters. In this way, you can cover all the areas of your office.


We were able to learn about these two devices. We can sum it by saying that large businesses need an access point for better quality while a router is more suitable in homes and small offices.

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