Asus Laptop Batteries

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September 14, 2021 By Richcom Technology –2 Min Read

Because of the chemical characteristics of lithium ions, battery capacity of laptop batteries progressively diminishes with usage over time. This is a common occurrence. Asus laptops are known to have great battery capacity and great durability, but no battery can last forever.

A Li-ion battery has a life expectancy of 300-500 cycles. The Li-ion battery is anticipated to discharge and recharge properly for 300 cycles under typical use circumstances and at ambient temperatures (25°C) (or about one year). Following then, the battery capacity will be reduced to 80% of its original capacity.

The system design, model, system power consumption, program and operating software usage, and power management settings all influence battery life decrease. High/low operating temperatures and irregular activities may reduce the battery’s life cycle by 60% or more in a short period of time. Asus laptop batteries provide decent screen time, but their health can be degraded too if you don’t properly maintain it.

The discharge rate of the battery is determined by the software operations and power management settings of the laptop or tablet. Running computation-intensive applications, such as graphics software, gaming software, and video games, for example, uses more power than running basic word processing software. When a battery-charged laptop is linked to extra USB or Thunderbolt devices, the battery power drains quicker.

If you are in need for Asus laptop battery, then make sure you get the make and model of the battery just right to fit in your laptop. Check out different Asus laptop battery prices in Sri Lanka and find the one for your laptop.

Price Of Different Asus Laptop Batteries

There are many different Asus laptop batteries that you can buy for your laptop, so make sure you get the best one. Different Asus laptop batteries have different prices.  The Asus X550 Laptop battery price in Sri Lanka is රු 7,000.00. While the Asus X555l Laptop Battery price in Sri Lanka is රු 10,500.00 because of different architecture in the making of the battery. The Asus X555l Laptop Battery is for Asus Notebook X555L, X555LA, X555LA-SI30504I, and X555LA-SI50203H.

So, it is to note that you can’t fit any battery in any laptop, find yourself the battery made for your laptop. Another popular battery used in Asus Notebooks is the Asus X556U laptop battery. The Asus X556U Laptop Battery price in Sri Lanka is රු 10,500.00.

This battery is 7.6V with 38Wh capacity to provide you ample screen time on your laptop with a full charge.

After buying a new battery, make sure you use it properly and use the following tips to extend your laptop battery life so that you can use your Asus laptop battery for long time without needing to change it.


The reason a laptop triumphs over a PC is all because of its battery. When buying a laptop battery, it is crucial to note its screen time, durability, temperature, and warranty. Make sure you buy yourself a battery with 100% health so that you are sure your battery will provide the screen time as advertised.

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