HP 55A Original Toner

HP 55A Original Toner

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The HP 55A Original Toner is an essential component of any modern office environment. Developed to provide a reliable, high-quality printing solution, this toner cartridge offers a combination of performance and value that makes it a must-have for any business or individual in need of consistent, dependable prints. This article will provide an overview of the features and benefits of the HP 55A Original Toner, helping readers to make an informed decision when choosing their next printing solution.

The HP 55A Original Toner is designed to provide superior print quality with minimal wear and tear on your printer. Combining advanced imaging technologies with premium-grade toner powder, this cartridge produces sharp text and graphics that are both smudge-resistant and fade-resistant for lasting results. Additionally, its advanced toner formula ensures that every page you print is crisp and clean without sacrificing color accuracy or clarity.

By utilizing innovative engineering solutions, the HP 55A Original Toner is able to deliver reliable performance at a fraction of what other comparable solutions would cost. Its low price point makes it an attractive choice for businesses on a budget or individuals looking for cost savings without having to sacrifice on quality or reliability. With its easy installation process and long-lasting cartridges, the HP 55A Original Toner guarantees maximum convenience with minimal effort required from the user.

Overview of HP 55A Original Toner

The HP 55A Original Toner is a laser printer accessory that provides users with high-quality prints. It is compatible with various HP Enterprise models, including the P3015d and MFP M525dn printers. This toner delivers crisp and sharp text, along with vivid and accurate colors. The HP 55A Original Toner also yields up to 6,000 pages, offering an economical printing solution. It is available at a competitive price in Sri Lanka, making it an attractive option for businesses and individuals alike. The product comes with a limited one-year warranty that covers any defects due to faulty material or workmanship. The HP 55A Original Toner is easy to install and use, allowing users to quickly get up and running with their printer. Overall, this toner provides users with an efficient and reliable printing solution at a reasonable cost.

Features And Benefits of HP 55A Original Toner

Building on the overview of the HP 55A Original Toner, this section will discuss its features and benefits. This toner offers a reliable performance for all types of printing jobs. It is specifically designed for use with HP LaserJet Pro printers, and produces up to 6,000 high-quality pages before needing a replacement. The toner features an advanced formula that helps prevent smudging and smearing, ensuring that documents remain crisp and professional even after multiple prints. Additionally, it is easy to install and replace as needed.

The HP 55A Original Toner offers a number of benefits to users. It enables consistent, high-quality results while minimizing printer downtime due to maintenance issues or jams. The advanced formula helps keep printouts looking professional over multiple prints, reducing the need to reprint documents due to incorrect output quality. Finally, since this toner is designed specifically for HP LaserJet Pro printers, it fits perfectly into their corresponding cartridges ensuring optimal performance every time they are used.

By providing reliable performance, excellent output quality and easy installation/replacement capabilities, the HP 55A Original Toner is an ideal solution for businesses looking for a dependable printing solution that doesn’t break the bank.

Printing Capacity of HP 55A Original Toner

The HP 55A Original Toner is designed to offer efficient, high-quality printing. It is capable of producing up to 6,000 pages of prints in black-and-white and color. The toner’s precision engineering ensures uniform distribution of toner across the page for consistent results. The toner can also be used with a range of media types, including glossy paper and recycled paper. Additionally, it has been engineered to minimize waste and reduce print costs by optimizing the rate at which the toner is used.

The HP 55A Original Toner offers excellent performance when printing images or text documents. It produces crisp lines and clear images that remain vibrant even after multiple copies have been made. Furthermore, it is designed to work as part of a larger system that includes a compatible printer, providing users with an all-in-one solution for their printing needs.

The HP 55A Original Toner is an ideal choice for businesses seeking an economical yet reliable option for their printing needs. With its precise engineering and ability to produce consistent results on various media types, it provides users with a dependable source of quality prints. Its cost efficiency furthers its appeal as an effective solution for any business’s printing requirements.

Cartridge Design of HP 55A Original Toner

The HP 55A Original Toner offers a user-friendly design, allowing for easy installation and replacement. The cartridge is constructed with durable plastic material, making it long-lasting and efficient. Its shape allows the toner to fit into multiple models of Hewlett-Packard printers. It also features a convenient handle, which makes it easier to remove the cartridge without any hassle. Additionally, it has a special chip that tracks the amount of toner used, so users can monitor their printing activity and keep track of their supplies.

The HP 55A Original Toner has been engineered with an advanced air filtration system to ensure reliable performance. This system helps reduce jams and potential damage caused by incompatible paper types or other foreign materials entering the printer. The air filtration system prevents dust particles from entering the toner during installation or when replacing the cartridge, thus preserving its quality and yield levels over time. Finally, this model also features a color-coded label that makes it simple for users to identify compatible cartridges in their printer’s model range.


The HP 55A Original Toner is compatible with several HP LaserJet Pro Printers. These printers include the P3015d. It is recommended to use only genuine HP toner cartridges for optimal printer performance and reliability. The HP 55A Original Toner provides consistent quality prints with sharp text and well-defined graphics.

This product is also designed to prevent leaking of toner particles from the cartridge, which can cause damage to the printer itself. The Original HP 55A cartridge contains enough toner to print up to 6,000 pages at 5% coverage. It has a shelf life of five years, so it can be stored until it is needed.

This product meets all applicable environmental standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This includes ISO 9001 certified processes for quality assurance and ISO 14001 certified processes for environmental management systems. The HP 55A original toner also complies with European Union RoHS requirements that restrict hazardous substances in electronic products.

Installation Instructions for HP 55A Original Toner

The HP 55A original toner is a laser printing device that requires installation. The installation process of the device is simple and straightforward.

  1. To begin, unpack the HP 55A original toner and remove all protective materials from the product.
  2. Place the toner cartridge into the printer, making sure to align it correctly with arrows on both sides of the printer and cartridge respectively.
  3. Load paper into the tray and adjust its size according to your preference.

Once these steps are completed, you can begin printing with your HP 55A original toner. It is important to read all instructions before beginning installation as incorrect setup may result in malfunction or damage to the product. Additionally, keep in mind that additional materials such as cables may be required for full operation of this device depending on your specific needs. After following these installation steps, your HP 55A original toner should be ready for use.

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your HP 55A Original Toner ensures optimal performance and improved printer functionality. To maintain the toner, make sure to store it in a cool and dry place with temperatures ranging from 15-30°C. This can help preserve the quality of your toner for up to one year. In addition, keep the toner away from direct sunlight and excessive humidity.

It is important to shake the cartridge gently before use, as this allows for an even distribution of powder inside the cartridge. This helps reduce any potential clogs or misprints that could be caused by blocking of powder particles in certain areas.

When replacing a used toner cartridge with a new one, always make sure to remove all remaining fragments of the old cartridge from the printer’s interior compartments. This can help ensure reliable printing results with no paper jams or other issues arising due to residues left behind by old cartridges.

Refilling Process

Refilling a HP 55A toner cartridge requires a few supplies and tools. The first step is to locate the fill hole, which can be found on the side of the cartridge. Once located, use a small screwdriver to gently pry up the plastic tab covering the hole. This will allow access to the fill hole.

Next, mix together toner powder and carrier pellets or beads in a bowl according to manufacturer’s instructions. Carefully pour the mixture into the fill hole using a funnel until it reaches just below the edge of the plastic cover. Close up the cover with a screwdriver and shake cartridge gently for even distribution of mixture within cartridge.

The last step is to reset counter chip on top of cartridge, if necessary. The counter chip should be reset every time a new mixture is added so printer knows when toner is low and needs to be refilled. Resetting involves pressing down on chip for 3-5 seconds until LED light appears on chip indicating successful resetting has occurred.

Cost Efficiency

Moving on, the cost efficiency of HP 55a Original Toner is a major factor to consider. A comprehensive analysis of the cost includes factors such as initial purchase, refilling supplies, and prints per page. By comparing these three elements, it can be concluded that the overall cost efficiency is quite good.

Initial PurchaseRefilling SuppliesPrints Per Page

The initial purchase of HP 55a Original Toner is relatively high compared to other brands or types of toner. However, this is outweighed by its performance and reliability over time. The refilling supplies are also much lower in comparison to other brands or types of toner. This greatly reduces the long-term costs associated with using the HP 55a Original Toner. Lastly, the prints per page are high which makes it more economical when printing large volumes of documents.

Overall, HP 55a Original Toner offers good value for money due to its low refilling costs and high prints per page ratio. It is reliable and produces good quality prints which make it an ideal choice for businesses requiring large volumes of printed documents regularly without having to worry about extra costs for refilling supplies. The HP 55A Original Toner price in sri lanka is Rs.58,000/=

Environmental Impact

The HP 55A Original Toner has a low environmental impact. The toner is manufactured using recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly product.

At the end of its life cycle, consumers can recycle or dispose of the toner in a responsible and sustainable way. HP offers two different methods for recycling or disposing of their products. Consumers can either return used toner cartridges to their local HP store or contact a third-party recycling company for pickup.

The following list outlines some of the benefits of the HP 55A Original Toner’s environmental impact:

  • Manufactured with recycled materials
  • Easily recyclable at end of life cycle
  • Responsible disposal options available

This toner is therefore an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their ecological footprint without sacrificing quality and performance. Its eco-friendly manufacturing process and easy recycling make it an ideal option for environmentally conscious individuals as well as businesses committed to sustainability practices.

Online Shopping Options

When purchasing HP 55A original toner, customers have a wide range of online shopping options at their disposal. Many online retailers offer specials and discounts on the product, making it possible to find cost-effective solutions. Furthermore, online shoppers can compare prices across various stores to find the best deal.

For those who prioritize convenience, many sites offer free shipping for orders that meet specified requirements. Additionally, most websites have user-friendly interfaces that make shopping simple and straightforward. Customers can also take advantage of customer reviews and ratings to get an idea of what other users think of the product before making a purchase.

Online shopping is a great option for those looking for HP original toners as it provides access to a large selection of products at competitive prices. With convenient features like free shipping and user reviews, shoppers are able to find the best deal with minimal effort.

Customer Reviews

Moving on from online shopping options for the HP 55a original toner, customer reviews serve as an invaluable source of information. Reviews provide an insight into the quality and performance of a product, allowing customers to make an informed decision regarding their purchase. By understanding customer feedback and experiences, potential customers can more accurately assess whether the product is suitable for them.

The HP 55a original toner has been largely well received by customers, with positive reviews citing its good quality prints and long-lasting cartridges. Customers have highlighted the reliable performance of this toner and have praised its cost-effectiveness. In addition, some individuals have commented on the ease of installation and noted that it works well with multiple printers.

Overall, customer reviews demonstrate that the HP 55a original toner is a great choice for those seeking a reliable printing solution at an affordable price. It produces high-quality prints with minimal effort and can be used in various printer models. Furthermore, with its long-lasting cartridges, it provides excellent value for money.


The hp 55a original toner cartridge is an ideal choice for individuals and businesses who require efficient and cost-effective printing solutions. It features a high-capacity of up to 6,000 pages per cartridge, making it the perfect choice for large-scale printing jobs. Its innovative design allows for easy installation and replacement, while its compatibility with a variety of printers makes it a versatile option. Furthermore, its low total cost of ownership is an attractive factor for users looking to save money in the long run. Finally, its eco-friendly design reduces environmental impact while still delivering superior print quality. With all these features combined, the hp original toner cartridge is an excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers who demand professionalism and reliability from their printers.

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