4 Ways to take care of your laptop Charger and extend its life

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June 20, 2021 By Richcom Technology –2 Min Read

We know laptop charger prices in Sri Lanka are increasing with every year, so it’s better to take good care of them. You may hear from a friend or family member every week that his laptop charger is not working. This happens due to some mistakes that we make with the charger. There are few methods that we can apply to extend the life of our laptop charger.

Methods to Take Care of your Laptop Charger

1- Be careful when organizing the Laptop Charger

It is our common habit that we love to organize our work table that includes the charger as well. But in some cases, this process is not helpful for the charger life. If you are wrapping your charger cord to make it less messy, you may be affecting the life of your charger. This process puts extra pressure on your laptop charger’s cord. Thus, it results in breaking the cord. So, you need to be more careful with this.

2- Use Power Strip

We are never recommending you to directly plug in your charger to a port. There can be cases of power fluctuations. These sudden changes in current or voltages always result in permanent damage to electronic devices. Laptop chargers have most cases when it comes to internal damage due to power fluctuation.

To avoid the situation, you should be using a power strip. But you need to be careful while selecting the power strip, as you need one with surge protection. Not only the power strip will help you to connect multiple devices in a single point, but it will also help you to protect the electronic devices as well as the laptop charger.

3- Surrounding of the Adapter

The surrounding of your adapter affects in a major way the life of the charger. If the surrounding of your adapter is tight, there are higher chances of overheating. Further, whenever you are using the laptop charger, ensure that the adapter is placed in an open space so there is plenty of airflow.

Without airflow, the surrounding temperature of the adapter will get higher, thus causing damage to the charger. This point becomes crucial if you are using the charger for a longer time, especially in a workplace that has more than a single computer.

4- Sharp Edges

If you are working in an office, there is a possibility that you are using a computer table and have other devices in the area as well. Whenever you are using a laptop charger, it should not have a direct connection with a wire, especially with an exposed one. This damages the laptop charger and also causes damage to the other electronic devices.

Also, try to save the charger from interacting with sharp edges of tables, etc. These sharp edges can easily cut the power cord and affect the performance of the charger.


Follow these tips and you can avoid damaging your laptop’s charger. But, if it’s too late for you, don’t worry, shop from us, as we offer the best laptop charger prices in Sri Lanka.

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