Original vs Compatible Toner Cartridges: Which one is better? (Product Comparison)

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June 20, 2021 By Richcom Technology –2 Min Read


A printer is a device that we neglect the most out of all our digital devices. We all notice the printer only when it is not printing our document. It is better to keep a check on our printer’s performance and understand what’s better for it.


Quite often you would find your printer out of toner, and you would think the fix is simple, replace it. But, it’s not that simple, as you have two choices when it comes to this. You can either buy the expensive original product or you could go for the less expensive compatible cartridge. Before we dive into the depth of this, you need to understand what toner is.

Many of us believe that printer ink and toner are similar items. But they have their own compositions and are different from each other. Ink is a liquid that prints the content of a document on paper. While toner is a powder. It relies on the electric charge and on a fuser to help print the document on the paper.

Original Toner

It is made by the developer of your printer. It is technically known as Original Equipment Manufacturer Toner. These are expensive as they are made by the company itself. But despite being expensive they are perfect with their printing. These printers can come up with the best printing quality for your document.

Compatible Toner

Also referred to as generic toner, compatible toner is a replacement for the original product. It is manufactured by a third-party company. Where all the OEM cartridges offer pretty much the same standard of quality, that’s not always the case with compatible toners. The quality of a compatible cartridge is variable and depends on the manufacturer.

The quality of both the products goes through the testing phase by the developers. But, after the testing phase, some of the compatible toner cartridges do not work on the printers. So, before you purchase this, consult with the seller to confirm the product’s quality.

Difference between both

All the OEM toner cartridges are patented and have a copyright, so they are only used in a specific Printer model. So, due to this legal reason, the compatible toners have a different design. A change in the design may not work with your printer. You will need to consult before purchasing.

But this doesn’t mean you will be getting a low-quality product. Today’s compatible toners are very advanced and they offer the same product quality as the original product.


It’s a common misconception that compatible cartridges have poor printing quality or they can affect the printer and its warranty. If you purchase them from a reputed seller, the only difference you would notice is the money you save.

Where both products offer great print quality, the OEM toner prices in Sri Lanka are high, so many people prefer getting a compatible toner at a low price. If you also want to buy a compatible toner, we offer the best compatible prices in Sri Lanka.

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