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July 28, 2021 By Richcom Technology –3 Min Read


It can be really confusing and new for people who are not familiar with all the input and output devices, even though they know all the new devices and methods have launched already.

You may go through situations which make you change your display technologies.

The signals of your video can be adapted in both directions amongst HDMI and VGA. But, it is important to know about the difference between each connector. Let’s talk about different types of connectors then.


A variety of technical things need to occur at the same time to change a VGA signal into HDMI. These technical things involve connecting the two interfaces. To make this happen, it is important to transfer the VGA signal using a converter that will transmit the VGA’s signal along with the audio to change them into digital transmission. These will then be transferred through your HDMI cable to connect to a desktop or monitor through an HDMI converter.

We have selected one of the best VGA to HDMI converters.




This VGA to HDMI converter is one of the best ever converters. It comes with a 6 months warranty and the VGA to HDMI Converter price in Sri Lanka is 2,950 LKR. Let’s know about the features of this converter.


This converter has a great imported adapting chipset. It converts VGA signal to HDMI signal with USB power supply.


This converter can be used with old notebooks, laptops and desktops which only have VGA ports to any HDMI devices.

HDMI TO VGA Converter

An HDMI to VGA converter cable is usually really economical. It can transfer an HDMI signal to a VGA interface on an old display device. As VGA is getting older with time, you should only consider this connection as your last choice.

An HDMI cable can transmit audio as well as video signals through a single cable but VGA cables are only able to transmit the video signals.

If you want to have both audio and video, you will have to get a converter that has a VGA cable and a separate audio cable. The process of it is similar to VGA to HDMI conversion.

We have picked out the best HDMI to VGA converter.


hdmi to vga converter richcom srilanka

This HDMI to VGA converter is one of the best ever converters. It comes with a 6 months warranty and the HDMI to VGA Converter price in Sri Lanka is 1,650 LKR. Let’s know about the features of this converter.


It comes with a built-in IC chip which converts HDMI signal to VIA analog signal with stability.


This converter is compatible with computer, desktop, notebook, laptop, chromebook, ultrabook, Xbox and a lot more devices.

USB Network Adapter

This USB Network Adapter is perfect for converting USB port to an ethernet port to connect a network or internet without adding some network card. It uses the high bandwidth of the USB port to support Ethernet speed. This requires no extra supply of power; you just need to connect the adapter to a USB port, install the drivers and connect a cable from adapter to network port.

Here is the best USB network adapter suggestion from our side.


usb to ethernet adapter richcom srilanka

This USB ethernet adapter is one of the best ever adapters. It comes with a 6 months warranty and the USB Network adapter in Sri Lanka is 2,850 LKR. Let’s know about the features of this adapter.


It comes with native driver support in chrome, MAC and windows so you don’t have to download drivers for the installation of the adapter.


This adapter is compatible to use with chrome, MAC and windows.


We hope that this detailed guide helped you understand the digital world in a better way. Whether you need some media playing at home or are looking for some quick conversion knowledge for your IT job, this article must have filled you in with the best conversion options.

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