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September 13, 2021 By Richcom Technology –2 Min Read

Dell has always been the talk of the town especially when it comes to laptops. All the hype of this brand is justified because Dell offers exceptional quality and performance. Speaking of which, Dell’s laptop batteries are quite the focal point of the brand because the company believes that a good battery is what makes a good laptop.

There are different Dell laptops with different batteries but they all are made up of lithium ion. The brand focuses on using premium quality material for the batteries because they take it quite seriously. In other words, if you are searching for the most durable and high, premium-quality batteries then Dell is what you should opt for.

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Moreover, these batteries are completely affordable which makes them even more appealing. For example, if you search “Dell laptop battery prices in Sri Lanka”, you’ll see how affordable and inexpensive they are. No wonder why Dell has always been a leading name when it comes to the best laptops. They offer quality and reliability without burdening you with hefty price tags.

Our Recommended Products

If you are looking for the most high-quality Dell laptop batteries then here are three that we’d recommend you to buy;

1-Dell 5559 Laptop Battery

The Dell 5559 laptop battery price in Sri Lanka is just රු 7,000.00 which is quite affordable. Especially if you consider the features, the durability and the timing of the battery, you’ll know that this price is completely justified. The Dell 5559 lithium ion battery comes with a voltage of 14.8V Capacity which means that your laptop will work for you straight for at least 2-3 hours on a single charge. On top of everything else, there’s a 6 months warranty that you get with this battery so that in case things go south, you can get the battery checked and repaired.

2-Dell 3521 Laptop Battery

The second battery we’d recommend is the Dell 3521. Again, it’s an exceptional battery with the best timing. The Dell 3521 laptop battery price in Sri Lanka is රු 7,000.00 just like the one we mentioned above. You get a 6 months warranty with this one and it’s compatible with multiple part numbers so you don’t have to worry about that too. It’s a one durable battery that can work for you for a long time.

3-Dell N4010 Laptop Battery

Lastly, the Dell N4010 battery is totally worth your time and money because this one offers utmost quality and reliability. This battery comes with a great timing and it can work for you for more than 3 hours on a single charge. When it comes to Dell N4010 laptop battery price in Sri Lanka, it’s just රු 7,000.00 so it sure won’t be heavy on your pocket.


Considering their timing, durability and warranties, you should go for any one of these Dell laptop batteries and we assure you that you won’t regret it. All these batteries are made up of premium quality lithium ion and they are super durable for your laptops.

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