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November 07, 2021 By Richcom Technology –2 Min Read

Computers are being used in every field of line nowadays. Survival without computers seems impossible now as everything is dependent on them. Not only are they vital for businesses, but they are also a lot of help on a personal level. Most people make their livelihood using computers. They are used to create and run online stores, help students with their research, and are primary for gaming and entertainment purposes.

Among the countless, here are a few benefits of desktop computers;

  • In offices, desktop computers improve employees’ connectivity to the internet as well as with their colleagues.
  • They provide flexibility in display and automate the processes.
  • With drive and RAM bays, you can add additional storage or RAM chips if you need them.

While customization is an option that you can use, the components or parts needed to assemble a PC may be hard to find. Under such circumstances, you should browse for the most appropriate option and you can find many. 

Also, you will find out that I5 desktop computer prices in Srilanka are very affordable as depicted in the cases below.

i5 10th gen desktop pc

The first case under discussion is Gigabyte i5 10th generation PC that provides 4GB RAM and Intel UHD-630 graphics. It comes with a 1TB hard drive storage with an option to scale up if the need arises. You will be able to experience super-fast functioning with its 128GB SSD storage that comes with Windows 10 already installed on it. All the other software that is needed will also be installed free of charge.

The PC has been put together using original components and it comes with a 2-year warranty. As long as the i5 10th gen desktop pc price in Srilanka is concerned, you can buy it at රු125,000.

i5 10th gen desktop computer full set

gigabyte i5 desktop pc srilanka richcom

If you are here for the complete set, you can find that too. The aforementioned desktop PC combined with a Dell 19” monitor and a branded keyboard and mouse will take your functioning to another level. The H410 Gigabyte motherboard and 225W power supply via Micro-ATX casing make it all the more desirable. The i5 10th gen desktop computer full set price in Srilanka is රු155,000.

i5 11th gen desktop pc 

If you want to go one step higher than the 10th generation, you can also find the i5 11th gen desktop pc that features a UHD 730 graphics card and an H510 Gigabyte motherboard. This desktop PC can handle complex tasks and makes handling complicated projects a breeze. I5 11th gen desktop pc price in Srilanka is as low as රු135,000. It comes with a RAM add-on option as well as others like speakers, UPS, and Dongle for a fraction of the amount.


Students and employees looking for a desktop PC having high functioning capabilities need to look no more. The rendering and performance provided by i5 10th generation or 11th generation desktop PCs cannot be matched by any other. They have all the essential features of the best desktop PCs and they can help anyone in any line of work 

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