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November 07, 2021 By Richcom Technology –2 Min Read

What’s the first thing you want in a desktop PC? For most people, either it is the built and design of the PC or the memory and RAM specs. Most of the time, a good looking PC with ample storage and RAM is enough for people looking to buy a desktop computer that can handle easy to medium tasks. 

But, it gets a bit more complicated when your needs expand the simple office or home use. In such cases, you need to think hard before making a decision. A high functioning desktop PC is the best option for you if you want it to handle complicated, heavy-duty, and high-end projects. Gamers who need excellent rendering capabilities in the computer will look for an advanced graphics card.

So, as the need changes, the desired specifications of a desktop PC also change. In the following context, you will come across two examples of i3 desktop computers that have appealing features. You can also check i3 desktop computer prices in Srilanka.

So, here we go!

i3 10th gen desktop PC

I3 desktop pc srilanka

The first one in the list has some desirable features that you can go for without having a second thought about it. It comes with a 10th Gen processor which is i3. The Intel UHD-630 graphics card makes rendering high-end games and projects easier with its Ultra HD capabilities. The RAM and ROM specifications are where this desktop computer excels. It includes a Gigabyte motherboard featuring 4GB of DDR4 RAM and more than enough storage of 1TB. 

What makes this superior is its 128GB built-in SSD storage. With this, you will be able to experience lag-free and super-fast rebooting as well as running speeds. If 4GB RAM and 1TB ROM don’t seem enough, you can always add more by spending a little extra. The i3 10th gen desktop PC price in Srilanka is රු100,000 which also offers 2 years of warranty for the system and 1-year warranty for power supply. The power supply is 225W in a Micro-ATX casing.

i3 10th gen desktop computer full set

If you want the complete set and you don’t want to roam around, you can also find that in a single place at the most appropriate prices. The above desktop PC system equipped with high-end, original, and high-performance components along with a high definition monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse can also be bought. 

The i3 10th gen desktop computer full set price in Srilanka is රු130,000. In addition to the specifications mentioned in the desktop PC, you get a Dell desktop monitor of 19” with 2 years of warranty. Additionally, the full set also includes a keyboard and a mouse with a 1-year warranty that can help you perform your tasks much faster. The additional රු30,000 are for these components.


A high-performance desktop computer is preferred to a laptop or a portable device because of the rendering and quality functioning that they provide for complex projects. One of the most basic factors to consider when choosing a desktop PC is its ability to run all the software and latest operating system. You should single out your needs first and buy a computer accordingly.

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