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Do you know that your power line or electricity line can just be your best internet connection? Most people only know about wireless and Ethernet connections. They don’t even know that they have a third option that can be as good as or even better than the other two. With a wireless connection, you will face many issues related to internet crashes, speed, and range. A powerline adapter kit can help you get uninterrupted internet very easily. 

A powerline adapter uses the electric wiring of your house to transmit and receive signals. The working of a powerline adapter is also different from an Ethernet connection and wireless connection. With it, you won’t face the occasional breakdown of your internet. It is quite feasible as you don’t have to lay any extra wiring around your house.

Read on to find out about the Powerline adapter prices in Srilanka of three different products of Tp Link. This guide can help you choose the right one for the most appropriate prices.

Tp Link Av200 300mbps Powerline Extender Kit-Tl-Wpa2220

Tp Link Av200 300mbps Powerline Extender Kit-Tl-Wpa2220 price in srilanka

The Ac200 Powerline adapter or extender kit comes with two adapters. Using these two, you can easily transmit signals from your WiFi or Ethernet to your computer through the electrical layout of your house. If your room is away from the WiFi router, you may have problems with the speed and signal strength. With this adapter kit, you can have internet access anywhere in the house. The kit comes with a 2-year warranty and its effective range of transmission is 300 meters. With a high speed 300mbps connection, you can stream and game without facing any buffering. The Tp Link Av200 3000mbps Powerline Extender Kit-TI-Wpa2220 price in Srilanka is රු20,500.

Tp Link Av600 300mbps Powerline Extender Kit-Tl-Pa4010

Just like the previous, the Av600 Powerline Extender kit also comes with a 2-year warranty period. The beautifully designed adapters have pair buttons that make it super easy to set these up for the first time. Plug them directly into a socket and connect them to a Wifi or Ethernet and the rest will be done by your electricity. It can operate at temperatures as high as 40°c and 90% humidity. With an FCC and RoHS certification, the Tp Link Av5600 300mbps Powerline Extender Kit-TI-Pa4010 price in Srilanka is රු17,500.

Tp Link Av600 300mbps Powerline Extender Kit-Tl-Wpa4220

This Powerline adapter is meant for both Ethernet and WiFi connections. With Ethernet, you can enjoy a high-speed connection of 600mbps. The LED indicator makes it easy to clone your Wifi, Ethernet and performs other functions. It also has strong encryption in place to keep you safe from any intrusion. It is certified by CE, FCC, and RoHS that indicates that it meets the highest standards of the market. With high-speed transmission, it provides you with lag-free gaming and streaming experience. The Tp Link Av600 300mbs Powerline Extender Kit-TI-Wpa4220 price in Srilanka is රු25,500.


Not only do they make a smooth internet connection possible, but Powerline adapters can also act as range extenders. You don’t have to install any wiring. The Powerline adapters are hassle-free and your best bet at a worry-free internet connection. Choose one from the three kits discussed above keeping your budget and data requirements in mind.

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