Dot Matrix Printers in Sri Lanka

epson lq 310 dot matrix printer price in srilanka

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A Dot Matrix Printer utilizes tiny dots to print characters on any surface. Dot-matrix printing was used extensively in the 80s and before. Later, they were replaced by inkjet and laser printers. Because of the speed of printing on multi-part documents, they are still being used for special circumstances. Businesses and organizations that need to continuously still use Dot Matrix Printers. 

The basic functioning of Dot Matrix Printers involves the use of pins. The arrangement of pins decides the type of characters being printed. Same as a typewriter, a Dot Matrix Printer uses an inked ribbon that is struck by different pins at the same time. These pins create dots that cumulatively create different characters.

Because they were phased out of common use after being replaced by modern technologies, they are hard to find. They might cost a little bit more than laser and inkjet printers. Here, you will find out about the two different Dot Matrix Printer prices in Sri Lanka as well as their other specifications.

Epson LQ 310 Dot Matrix Printer

Epson LQ-310 Dot matrix printer price in srilanka

The LQ 310 Dot Matrix Printer is a product of the famous Epson Company that introduces vastly improved features than its predecessor. The narrow carriage 24-pin printer has the ability to print 416 characters per second which is a lot more than the previous models. The print quality and reliability of this printer also surpass the others.

The printer under discussion can print a 4-part document at any given time. The four parts include an original print and 3 copies consecutively. The control panel of the printer features 4 switches and 5 LEDs. The mean time before failure (MTBF) of the device is 10000 POH or power-on-hours. So it is obvious that the printer will last years before it shows any signs of problematic behavior. With a 1-year warranty, the Epson LQ 310 Dot Matrix Printer price in Sri Lanka is රු137,000.

Epson LQ 50 Dot Matrix Printer

Epson LQ-50 Dot matrix printer price in srilanka

The miniature size of the LQ 50 Dot Matrix Printer allows you to fit it anywhere on the desk or a counter in a shop, office, or store. It is designed to save time and space. It is primarily used for printing bills and receipts at higher speeds. To issue receipts uninterruptedly, the printer supports a fanfold paper of 152.4mm in width. You can also use the paper but you will need a roll paper holder that is optional with this device.

The printer is reliable even under extreme circumstances of humidity and dust. It comes with 10 universal languages that are pre-installed into the system. You will get the highest quality prints with a 24-pin head that assures the characteristic dot character printing. The Epson LQ 50 Dot Matrix Printer price in Sri Lanka is රු100,500 and it also comes with a 1-year warranty.


So, despite their shortage and limited manufacturing, Dot Matrix Printers can be found everywhere. Because they are able to print multi-part documents at the same time, they find immense use in the business industry. The Epson LQ 50 and LQ 350 Dot Matrix Printers are ideal examples of the reliability and speed of such printers.

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