What is Nvme SSD? All you need to know

nvme ssd in sri lanka

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Nvme stands for Nonvolatile Memory Express. It is a technology that allows for faster data transfers and processing in modern computers. Traditional hard drives or HDDs are linked to the motherboard via a connecting cable while the Nvme SSDs are directly plugged into the motherboard of computers. This makes the transactions wireless and makes the interior of the setup cleaner. Unlike the normal SSDs like SATA SSDs which utilize a 2.5” form factor, Nvme SSDs utilize the M.2 form factor.

The M.2 form factor is where all the magic happens. Faster speeds and all the other benefits of Nvme SSDs are because of this next-generation technology. A normal Nvme Solid State Drive is at least 5 or 6 times faster than the most powerful SATA SSDs.

This is why most consumers are turning towards Nvme SSDs. Cleaner connections and faster transfers are also the reason why Nvme SSDs are priced higher. Here you will get to know about the different capacities of these SSDs and Nvme SSD price in Sri Lanka for different variants.

128GB Nvme SSD

team 128gb nvme ssd price in sri lanka

This model of Nvme SSDs is suitable for Notebook as well as desktop computers. It utilizes the M.2 form factor to be directly plugged into the motherboard. These SSDs use the new generation of 3D flash memories and that’s what makes them durable, fast, and reliable. These SSDs can perform perfectly at temperatures ranging from 0°C to 70°C and their storage temperature is 40°C to 85°C. They weigh only 6g which allows lighter setups. The 128 Nvme SSD price in Sri Lanka is රු10,500.

256GB Nvme SSD

The 256GB Nvme SSD also utilizes the same 3D flash technology. They come with support for both the PCIe interface well as the M.2 interface. The 256GB capacity is perfect for people who want faster processing speeds accompanied by increased storage capacity. The operational and storage temperatures of this capacity of SSD are the same as the one discussed before. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty and provides value for money to the customers. It also weighs 6g and the 256GB Nvme SSD price in Sri Lanka is රු14,800.

512GB Nvme SSD

As it is clear, this SSD is perfect for people who want speed as well as a massive storage capacity. Coming with a limited 3-year warranty, these SSDs utilize the same interfaces as the ones above. The system requirements for the 512GB SSDs and others are Windows 10 or lower. This superfast Nvme SSD has a read speed of 1700MBPS and a write speed of up to 1500MBPS. It weighs 8g and it also comes with a 3-year warranty. The 512GB Nvme SSD price in Sri Lanka is රු26,500. So, Nvme SSDs are far more reliable and faster than other alternatives like SATA SSDs and hard drives with spinning disks. Although they are pricier, you won’t find any other drive that provides better specifications.

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