5 Tips to Extend the Lifespan of your Laptop’s Battery (Must Read)

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June 19, 2021 By Richcom Technology –2 Min Read

Laptops are an amazing addition to our life. We can work from anywhere by using these devices and no longer need to plug in a wire while working like on computers. However, a problem that we all face while using laptops is the laptop battery life. If you purchase a laptop battery in Sri Lanka, you have to pay a good price, so it’s better to take care of it and avoid spending a good amount on purchasing a new one.

Tips to Extend the Lifespan of your Laptop Battery

If the battery life of our laptop is not perfect, our work always goes through interruptions, and we need to plug in a charger to work on the laptop. To avoid the said situation, there are some tips that we can follow to extend the laptop battery life.

Battery Saver Mode

Every laptop in the market has a battery saver mode that we rarely use. This feature helps in a major way to save battery life. If you are not working on a video, photo, or game, you can use the battery saver mode on the laptop. You may notice a change in the performance of your laptop. But, if your work does not depend on the graphics, this change will not affect your work.

Unplug the devices

We all have some external devices that we connect to our laptops frequently. If those devices are plugged into your laptop even when they are not working, they cause a sudden change in the battery life. If you are printing a document, you should remove the printer after using it to save the battery life of the laptop. Also, remove any cameras, USB, or hard drives after using them on a laptop.

Charge Early

If you are charging your laptop at the last moment, this is a bad habit and can affect your laptop in a big way. This situation is bad for a laptop and we all must avoid it at all costs. Experts suggest that we should not let a laptop battery drain below 20% to keep better battery life. As soon as your laptop’s battery reaches the 20% mark, plug in your charger, and the battery life will increase.

External Temperature

The temperature of your surroundings also affects the laptop and its performance. If you are operating your laptop in a cold room, the laptop will note the change and try to adjust its performance. The same process applies while we are working in a hot room. As soon as you change the external condition to an extreme temp, the laptop will use the extra battery life to work. This situation drains out the battery and affects the overall life as well.

Plugged in Charger

We all are committing this crime to our laptops, and it is affecting the battery life. The ideal life for a laptop is between 20 – 80 %. If we are overcharging our laptops, it also affects the battery life. An ideal situation asks us to keep a check on the battery percentage and remove the charger after 80% charging.

Conclusion- Laptop Battery Sri Lanka

We hope these tips can help you extend the lifespan of your laptop’s battery life. Just remember, if you don’t take good care of your laptop’s battery, you will have to face a lot of problems.

Purchase a Laptop Battery in Sri Lanka

We all know  the prices for laptop battery in Sri Lanka have increased in recent years, so that gives us another reason to take care of our laptop’s battery. However, if it’s too late for you and your laptop’s battery is already damaged, you should purchase a battery from us, as we offer the best laptop battery prices in Sri Lanka.

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