HP HS04 Laptop Battery 240 245 250 255 G4 Pavilion (6M)

HP HS04 Laptop Battery 240 245 250 255 G4 Pavilion (6M)


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Replaces these HP Pavilion 14 and 15 series battery part numbers:




Compatible with these HP laptop models:

Pavilion 14q
Pavilion 15g
Pavilion 15q
Pavilion 14-ac000
Pavilion 14-ac072TU
Pavilion 14-ac073TU
Pavilion 14-ac074TU
Pavilion 14-ac080no
Pavilion 14-ac100
Pavilion 14-ac100na
Pavilion 14-ac100nd
Pavilion 14-ac100ne
Pavilion 14-ac100nia
Pavilion 14-ac100nl
Pavilion 14-ac100nv
Pavilion 14-ac100nx
Pavilion 14-ac100ur
Pavilion 14-ac101la
Pavilion 14-ac101na
Pavilion 14-ac101ne
Pavilion 14-ac101nf
Pavilion 14-ac101ng
Pavilion 14-ac199ur
Pavilion 14-af000
Pavilion 14-af001AU
Pavilion 14-af100AU
Pavilion 14-af117AU
Pavilion 14-af117la
Pavilion 14-af118AU
Pavilion 14-af119AU
Pavilion 14-af120AU
Pavilion 14-af121AU
Pavilion 14-AF180NR
Pavilion 14g-ad000
Pavilion 14g-ad001TU
Pavilion 14g-ad002TX
Pavilion 14g-ad003TX
Pavilion 14g-ad007TX
Pavilion 14g-ad100
Pavilion 14q-aj000
Pavilion 14q-aj001TX
Pavilion 14q-aj002TX
Pavilion 14q-aj003TX
Pavilion 14q-aj100
Pavilion 14q-aj101TX
Pavilion 14q-aj102TX
Pavilion 14q-aj103TX

Pavilion 14q-aj104TX
Pavilion 14q-aj105TX
Pavilion 14T-AC000
Pavilion 14Z-AF000
Pavilion 15-ac000
Pavilion 15-ac097TU
Pavilion 15-ac097ur
Pavilion 15-ac098nia
Pavilion 15-ac098nx
Pavilion 15-ac098TU
Pavilion 15-ac098ur
Pavilion 15-ac099nia
Pavilion 15-ac099TU
Pavilion 15-ac099ur
Pavilion 15-ac100
Pavilion 15-ac100nd
Pavilion 15-ac100nf
Pavilion 15-ac100ni
Pavilion 15-ac100nia
Pavilion 15-ac121dx
Pavilion 15-ac198TU
Pavilion 15-ac198TX
Pavilion 15-ac199ne
Pavilion 15-ac199nia
Pavilion 15-ac199TU
Pavilion 15-ac199TX
Pavilion 15-ac199ur
Pavilion 15-ac500
Pavilion 15-ac501TU
Pavilion 15-ac502TU
Pavilion 15-ac503TU
Pavilion 15-ac504TU
Pavilion 15-ac505TU
Pavilion 15-ac506TU
Pavilion 15-ac600
Pavilion 15-ac600ur
Pavilion 15-ac601TU
Pavilion 15-ac601TX
Pavilion 15-ac602TU
Pavilion 15-ac602TX
Pavilion 15-ac603TU
Pavilion 15-ac603TX
Pavilion 15-ac604TU
Pavilion 15-ac604TX
Pavilion 15-ac605TU
Pavilion 15-ac606TU
Pavilion 15-ac607TU
Pavilion 15-ac608TU

Pavilion 15-af075N
Pavilion 15-af087nw
Pavilion 15-af091ng
Pavilion 15-af093ng
Pavilion 15-af100
Pavilion 15-af100na
Pavilion 15-af100nc
Pavilion 15-af100nf
Pavilion 15-af100nia
Pavilion 15-af131dx
Pavilion 15g-ad000
Pavilion 15g-ad001TX
Pavilion 15g-ad002TX
Pavilion 15g-ad003TX
Pavilion 15g-ad004TX
Pavilion 15g-ad005TX
Pavilion 15g-ad006TX
Pavilion 15g-ad007TX
Pavilion 15g-ad100
Pavilion 15g-ad101TX
Pavilion 15g-ad102TX
Pavilion 15g-ad103TX
Pavilion 15g-ad104TX
Pavilion 15g-ad105TX
Pavilion 15g-ad106TX
Pavilion 15g-ad107TX
Pavilion 15g-ad108TX
Pavilion 15g-ad109TX
Pavilion 15g-ad110TX
Pavilion 15q-aj000
Pavilion 15q-aj001TX
Pavilion 15q-aj002TX
Pavilion 15q-aj003TX
Pavilion 15q-aj004TX
Pavilion 15q-aj005TX
Pavilion 15q-aj006TX
Pavilion 15q-aj100
Pavilion 15q-aj101TX
Pavilion 15q-aj102TX
Pavilion 15q-aj103TX
Pavilion 15q-aj104TX
Pavilion 15q-aj105TX
Pavilion 15q-aj107TX
Pavilion 15q-aj108TX
Pavilion 15q-aj109TX
Pavilion 15q-aj110TX
Pavilion 15q-aj111TX
Pavilion 15T-AC000
Pavilion 15T-AC100
Pavilion 15Z-AF000


HP 240 G4 Series
HP 245 G4 Series
HP 246 G4 Series
HP 250 G4 Series
HP 255 G4 Series
HP 256 G4 Series
HP Notebook 14 Series
HP Notebook 14g Series
HP Notebook 15 Series
HP Notebook 15g Series

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