Lenovo ThinkPad X280 X280-20KE X280-20KF L17C6P71 L17M6P71 Laptop Battery (6M)

Lenovo ThinkPad X280 X280-20KE X280-20KF L17C6P71 L17M6P71 Laptop Battery (6M)

  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 11.4V
  • Capacity: 48Wh (3 cells)
  • Color: Black


රු 35,000.00

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Compatible Part Numbers:

01AV470 01AV471 01AV472
01AV484 3ICP6/38/64-2 3ICP6/38/642
5B10W13920 5B10W13921 5B10W13922
L17C6P71 L17L6P71 L17M6P71
L17M6P72 L17S6P71 SB10K97617
SB10K97618 SB10K97619 SB10K97628
SB10T83163 SB10T83164 SB10T83165

Fit Models: For Lenovo
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Lenovo ThinkPad X Series
ThinkPad X280 20KEA00CHH ThinkPad X280 20KES08P0R ThinkPad X280 20KES2SP1Q
ThinkPad X280 20KES32W0A ThinkPad X280 20KES65B02 ThinkPad X280 20KES6P600
ThinkPad X280 20KESEFG1T ThinkPad X280 20KF002RUS ThinkPad X280 20KFS0SY00
TP X280 20KES0L700 TP X280 20KES0SU10 TP X280 20KES0Y800
TP X280 20KES0Y80E TP X280 20KES1060F TP X280 20KES2680J
TP X280 20KES31E01 TP X280 20KES3QK08 TP X280 20KES4BT1R
TP X280 20KES4H30C TP X280 20KES5860D TP X280 20KES5SE0U
TP X280 20KES60R00 TP X280 20KES6BX00 TP X280 20KES78500
TP X280 20KES7RG00 TP X280 20KESDV400 TP X280 20KF0008AU
TP X280 20KF003TAU TP X280 20KF0042AU TP X280 20KF004UAU
TP X280 x20KFS0R400
Lenovo Series
ThinkPad A285 20MWA004AU ThinkPad X280 ThinkPad X280 AHK
ThinkPad X280 CHK ThinkPad X280(20KF000RCD) ThinkPad X280(20KFA000CD)
ThinkPad X280(20KFA001CD) ThinkPad X280(20KFA002CD) ThinkPad X280(20KFA003CD)
ThinkPad X280(20KFA004CD) ThinkPad X280(20KFA007CD) ThinkPad X280(20KFA008CD)
ThinkPad X280(20KFA009CD) ThinkPad X280(20KFA00ACD) ThinkPad X280(20KFA00BCD)
ThinkPad X280(20KFA00CCD) ThinkPad X280(20KFA01PCD) ThinkPad X280(20KFA01UCD)
ThinkPad X280(20KFA01VCD) ThinkPad X280(20KFA01WCD) ThinkPad X280(20KFA02BCD)
ThinkPad X280(20KFA02FCD) ThinkPad X280(20KFA02GCD) ThinkPad X280(20KFA02MCD)
ThinkPad X280(20KFA02PCD) ThinkPad X280(20KFA02RCD) ThinkPad X280(2CCD)
ThinkPad X280(2ECD) ThinkPad X280(2FCD) ThinkPad X280-20KES01S0
ThinkPad X28020KES01S0 ThinkPad X280-20KES01S00 ThinkPad X28020KES01S00
TP A285 20MXS0QE00
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