HP SO04XL HSTNN-1B7J Specter 13(2016) Specter Pro 13 G1 series Laptop Battery (6M)

HP SO04XL HSTNN-1B7J Specter 13(2016) Specter Pro 13 G1 series Laptop Battery (6M)

Battery cell:4-cell





රු 36,000.00

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Compatible Part Numbers :

SO04XL SOO4XL S004XL 844199-850 844199-855 843534-1C1 843534-121 HSTNN-IB7J HSTNN-1B7J TPN-C127.

Compatible Models :

HP Specter Pro 13 G1, HP Specter 13-V000 13T-V000 Series: 13-V014TU 13-V015TU 13-V016TU 13-V111DX 13T-V100 13-V000NA 13-V011DX 13-V021NR 13-V107NB 13-V151NR 13-V000NC 13-V000ND 13-V000NE 13-V000NF 13-V000NG 13-V000NI 13-V000NL 13-V000NM 13-V131NG 13-V133NG 13-V130NG 3-V102NG 13-V123TU 13-V082NG 13-V030NG 13-V101NG 13-V000NO 13-V000NQ 13-V000NS 13-V000NT 13-V000NU 13-V000NV 13-V000NX 13-V002NG.

Fit Models :

Spectre 13-V016TU  Spectre 13-V117TU  Spectre 13-V001LA
 Spectre 13-V107TU  Spectre 13-V108TU  Spectre Pro 13 G1
 Spectre 13(2016)  Spectre 13-v000  Spectre 13-V018CA
 Spectre 13-V101LA  Spectre 13-V011DX  SPECTRE 13-V100UR
 Spectre 13-V116TU  Spectre 13-V119TU  Spectre 13-V024TU
 Spectre 13-v100  Spectre 13-V006TU  Spectre 13-V030TU
 Spectre 13-V118TU  Spectre 13-v007ur  HP Spectre 13-v130ng
 Spectre 13-V022TU  Spectre 13-v132ng  HP Spectre 13-V006UR
 HP Spectre 13-V115TU  Spectre 13-V021NR  Spectre 13-V031TU
 Spectre 13-V050NA  HP SPECTRE 13-V101NK  Spectre 13-V080NZ
 Spectre 13-V019TU  SPECTRE 13-V101UR  Spectre 13-V014TU
 Spectre 13-V010CA  HP Spectre 13-V015TU  Spectre Pro 13 G1 X2F00EA
 Spectre 13-V111DX  Spectre Pro 13 G1-X2F01EA  Spectre 13-V001DX
 Spectre 13-V002UR  SPECTRE 13-V104UR  Spectre 13-V001NA
 HP Spectre 13-v050nw  SPECTRE 13-V103UR  Spectre 13-v105ng
 Spectre 13-V101DX  HP Spectre 13-V020TU  SPECTRE 13-V103NA
 Spectre 13-V001UR  SPECTRE 13-V106NG  Spectre 13-v104ng
 Spectre 13-V001NF  HP Spectre 13-V118CA  Spectre 13-V142TU
 Spectre 13-V005UR  Spectre 13-v103ng  Spectre 13T-V100
 Spectre 13-V003NC  Spectre 13-V003TU  Spectre 13-V001NC
 Spectre 13-V000NC  Spectre 13-V004TU  Spectre 13-V007TU
 Spectre 13-V122TU  Spectre 13-v082ng  SPECTRE 13-V106NA
 SPECTRE 13-V102UR  SPECTRE 13-V104NA  Spectre 13-V023TU
 Spectre 13-V123tu  Spectre 13-V106TU  Spectre 13-V104TU
 HP Spectre 13-V001TU  SPECTRE 13-V194NZ  Spectre 13-V112TU
 Spectre 13-V011ND  HP Spectre 13-V000NO  Spectre 13-v133ng
 Spectre 13-V002NL  SPECTRE 13-V160NZ  SPECTRE 13-V103NO
 SPECTRE 13-V161NZ  Spectre 13-V151NR  Spectre 13-V000NL
 Spectre 13-v131ng  Spectre 13-V100NV  Spectre 13-V003NL
 Spectre 13-V008TU  Spectre 13-V000NM  Spectre 13-V010TU
 Spectre 13-V000NE  Spectre 13-V113TU  Spectre 13-V000NF
 SPECTRE 13-V191NZ  Spectre 13-V132TU  HP SPECTRE 13-V113NZ
 Spectre 13-V027TU  Spectre 13-V001NV  Spectre 13-V138TU
 Spectre 13-V000ND  SPECTRE 13-V114NF  Spectre 13-V126TU
 SPECTRE 13-V150NA  Spectre 13-V000NU  SPECTRE 13-V115NF
 Spectre 13-V103TU  Spectre 13-V041TU  Spectre 13-V101NT
 HP Spectre 13-V141TU  Spectre 13-V025TU  HP Spectre 13-V010NB
 Spectre 13-V000NS  HP Spectre 13-V101NV  SPECTRE 13-V100NB
 Spectre 13-V029TU  SPECTRE 13-V112NF  Spectre 13-V111NF
 Spectre 13-V002NO  Spectre 13-v030ng  Spectre 13-V001NT
 SPECTRE 13-V184NZ  Spectre 13-V101NS  Spectre 13-v000ng
 SPECTRE 13-V101NF  SPECTRE 13-V101NN  HP Spectre 13-V001NP
 Spectre 13-V009TU  HP Spectre 13-V039TU  Spectre 13-v001ng
 Spectre 13-V001NU  SPECTRE 13-V102NO  Spectre 13-V000NA
 HP Spectre 13-V001NM  Spectre 13-V001NQ  Spectre 13-V114TU
 SPECTRE 13-V056NZ  Spectre 13-V137TU  SPECTRE 13-V102NA
 Spectre 13-V110CA  Spectre 13-V105TU  SPECTRE 13-V103NF
 SPECTRE 13-V104NO  HP SPECTRE 13-V106NO  HP Spectre 13-v102ng
 SPECTRE 13-V110NF  HP Spectre 13-v002ng  SPECTRE 13-V105NA
 Spectre 13-V102NL  HP Spectre 13-v002TU  Spectre 13-V051NA
 SPECTRE 13-V101NA  SPECTRE 13-V103NE  Spectre 13-v101ng
 HP Spectre 13-V070NW  HP SPECTRE 13-V101NE  SPECTRE 13-V100NF
 Spectre 13-V001NO  Spectre 13-V005TU  SPECTRE 13-V190NZ
 HP Spectre 13-v001ns  Spectre 13-V050NZ  HP Spectre Pro 13 G1-Z6Z35PA
 SPECTRE 13-V100NN  SPECTRE 13-V101NO  Spectre 13-V100NL
 Spectre 13-V040TU  Spectre 13-V026TU  Spectre 13-V002NF
 SPECTRE 13-V103NL  Spectre 13-V000NV  Spectre 13-V001NE
 SPECTRE 13-V105NF  Spectre 13-V000NX  SPECTRE 13-V100NH
 Spectre 13-V038TU  Spectre 13-V100NS  HP Spectre 13-V051SA
 Spectre 13-V133TU  Spectre 13-V035TU  Spectre 13-V028TU
 SPECTRE 13-V108NF  Spectre 13-V129TU  SPECTRE 13-V104NF
 Spectre 13-V110TU  SPECTRE 13-V150NW  Spectre 13-V135TU
 Spectre 13-V100NT  HP Spectre 13-V001NL  Spectre 13-V011TU
 Spectre 13-V034TU  Spectre 13-V101NX  SPECTRE 13-V102NH
 Spectre 13-V000NI  SPECTRE 13-V109NF  Spectre 13-V002NE
 SPECTRE 13-V100NA  Spectre 13-V131TU  Spectre 13-V130TU
 Spectre 13-V017TU  Spectre 13-V102TU  Spectre 13-V001NX
 HP Spectre 13-V140TU  HP SPECTRE 13-V103NS  SPECTRE 13-V100NO
 HP Spectre 13-V109TU  SPECTRE 13-V101NI  SPECTRE 13-V113NB
 SPECTRE 13-V000NIA  Spectre 13-V018TU  SPECTRE 13-V150NZ
 SPECTRE 13-V101NJ  Spectre 13-V101TU  Spectre 13-V013TU
 Spectre 13-V001NJ  SPECTRE 13-V100NE  Spectre 13-V033TU
 SPECTRE 13-V106NF  Spectre 13-V134TU  HP SPECTRE 13-V115NB
 SPECTRE 13-V100NK  Spectre 13-V036TU  HP Spectre 13-V125TU
 Spectre 13-V136TU  SPECTRE 13-V170NW  HP Spectre 13-V032TU
 Spectre 13-V128TU  HP Spectre 13-V001NI  HP Spectre 13-V100NX
 HP Spectre 13-V000NT  Spectre 13-V001NIA  Spectre 13-V127TU
 SPECTRE 13-V116NF  HP Spectre 13-V037TU  Spectre 13-V111TU
 Spectre 13-V120TU  HP SPECTRE 13-V103NX  SPECTRE 13-V100NIA
 Spectre 13-V124TU  Spectre 13-V121TU  SPECTRE 13-V102NN
 SPECTRE 13-V150SA  Spectre Pro 13 G1-Y4S11PA  Spectre 13-V012TU
 HP SPECTRE 13-V105NO  Spectre 13-V000NQ  Spectre 13-V050SA
 Spectre 13-V021TU  SPECTRE 13-V151SA  SPECTRE 13-V199NIA
 SPECTRE 13-V103NP  Spectre Pro 13 G1-Y4S10PA  HP SPECTRE 13-V102NX
 HP Spectre 13-V139TU  HP SPECTRE 13-V101NIA  Spectre Pro 13 G1-Y4S12PA
 Spectre Pro 13 G1-X3S36LA  Spectre Pro 13 G1-Y4S13PA  HP Spectre Pro 13 G1-Z6Z40PA
 HP Spectre Pro 13 G1-X3S24LA  HP Spectre Pro 13 G1-Z6Z39PA  Spectre Pro 13 G1-X3S23LA
 Spectre Pro 13 G1-Y4S09PA  Spectre Pro 13 G1-Z6Z36PA  Spectre Pro 13 G1-W4W79AV
 Spectre 13-V015TU(W6T90PA)  Spectre 13-V014TU(W6T89PA)  SPECTRE 13T-V000 CTO
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