Lenovo Y530-15ICH Y730-15ICH L17M3PG3 SB10W67189 SB10W67212 5B10Q88555 Laptop Battery (6M)

Lenovo Y530-15ICH Y730-15ICH L17M3PG3 SB10W67189 SB10W67212 5B10Q88555 Laptop Battery (6M)

  • Battery Voltage: 11.55V
  • Battery Capacity: 57Wh.
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack.
  • Color: Black.


රු 38,500.00

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Compatible Part Number(s) :

5B10Q88557 5B10Q88559 5B10S56966
5B10T30217 5B10T31045 5B10W67295
L17C3PG2 SB10W67190

Fit Models:
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Lenovo Series
5B10Q88555 5B10Q88560 5B10S56966
5B10T30214 5B10T30217 5B10T31045
5B10W67292 5B10W67380 5B10W69460
81LC0005CD 81LE0007CD 928QA228H
928QA229H L17M3PG2 Legion Y540-15IRH
Legion Y54015IRH Legion Y540-15IRH-81SX00B2GE Legion Y54015IRH81SX00B2GE
Legion Y540-17IRH Legion Y54017IRH Legion Y545
Legion Y545 81Q6000MTW Legion Y7000 Legion Y7000 2019
Legion Y7000P-1060 Legion Y7000P1060 Legion Y730-15
Legion Y73015 Legion Y730-15ICH Legion Y73015ICH
Legion Y730-15ICH(81HD) Legion Y73015ICH(81HD) Legion Y730-15ICH(81HD003EMZ)
Legion Y73015ICH(81HD003EMZ) Legion Y730-15ICHg Legion Y73015ICHg
Legion Y740-15 Legion Y74015 Legion Y740-15ICH
Legion Y74015ICH Legion Y740-15ICHg Legion Y74015ICHg
SB10W67189 SB10W67190 SB10W67212
SB10W69453 Y7000 2019 Y7000 i7 8750H
Y7000-1060 Y70001060 Y7000P
Y7000P 2019 Y7000P i7 8750H Y7000P-1060
Lenovo Series
Legion Y530 15ICH 81LB005MAU Legion Y530 15ICH 81LB00B0AU Legion Y530 15ICH 81LBCTO1WW
Legion Y530 15ICHI 81LB005MAU Legion Y540 17IRH 81Q4000LAU Legion Y540 17IRH 81Q4CTO1WW
Legion Y740 Legion Y740 15ICHg 81HE002AAU Legion Y740 15ICHg 81HE002BAU
Legion Y740 15ICHg 81HE002UAU Legion Y740 15ICHg 81HE0087AU Legion Y740 15ICHg 81HE0088AU
Legion Y740 15IRH 81UF001NAU Legion Y740 15IRH 81UF0021AU Legion Y740 15IRHg 81UH001PAU
Legion Y740 15IRHg 81UH001QAU Legion Y740 15IRHg 81UH006GAU Legion Y740 15IRHg 81UHCTO1WW
Lenovo Series
ThinkPad Y530-15ICH ThinkPad Y53015ICH
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