Samsung R428 R458 NP-300 Laptop Battery (6M)

Samsung R428 R458 NP-300 Laptop Battery (6M)

  • Battery rating: 11.1V
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: black


රු 8,500.00

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Compatible Part Numbers :

AA-PB2NX6W, AA-PB4NC6W, AA-PB9MC6B, AA-PB9MC6S, AA-PB9MC6W, AA-PB9NC5B, AA-PB9NC6B, AA-PB9NC6W, AA-PB9NC6W/E, AA-PB9NL6B, AA-PB9NL6W, AA-PB9NS6B, AA-PB9NS6W, AA-PL9NC2B, AA-PL9NC6B, AA-PL9NC6W, BA43-00198A, BA43-00199A, BA43-00207A, BA43-00208A, RV409, RV415, RV509, RV513, RV520, RV540, RV709, RV711

FIT MODELS :(use “ctrl+F” to find your model quickly)

300E43-S03 NP305V7A NP550P7CT04DE NT370E5J-K07/C
300E43-S05 NP3415 NP550P7CT05CA NT370E5J-K09/C
300E43-S08 NP350E4X NP550P7CT06IT NT370E5J-K0C/C
300E4A-A02 NP350E5C-A02US NP550P7CT08BE NT370E5J-L01/B
300E4A-S01 NP350E5C-S01IN NP550P7CT09BE NT370E5J-L01/R
300E4A-S03 NP350E5C-S04PL NP550P7CT0BDE NT370E5J-X01/C
300E4A-S06 NP350E7C-A01US NP-E5510 NT370E5J-X02/R
300E4A-S08 NP350E7C-A04UK NP-P410 NT370E5J-X04/C
300E4A-S0A NP350E7C-A05DE NP-P428-I NT370E5J-X05/C
300E4C-S04 NP350E7C-S02UK NP-P460-42P NT370E5J-X08/C
300E4C-S05 NP350E7C-S03PL NP-P460-44P NT370E5J-X09/C
300E4C-S08 NP350E7C-S07DE NP-P460-IBM NT370E5L-K01/R
300E4C-S09 NP350E7C-S09FR NP-P461-AS01 NT370E5L-K04G
300E4C-U05 NP350E7C-S0ADE NP-P478 NT370E5L-K06G
300E4X-U03 NP350E7C-S0CDE NP-P500-FA01 NT370E5L-K08G
300E4X-U08 NP350E7X NP-P500-FA03 NT370E5L-K11G
300E4X-U09 NP350V4C-S05PH NP-P500-FA04 NT370E5L-L02/C
300V4A-S04 NP350V5C-907DE NP-P500-FA05 NT370E5L-L04/C
305V4A-S02 NP350V5C-A01UK NP-P500-FA07UK NT370E5L-L09/C
305V4A-S07 NP350V5C-A04UK NP-P500-RA01UK NT370E5L-L0B/C
3430EC-S01 NP350V5C-A07UK NP-P500-RA02/SUK NT370E5L-X01/R
3430EC-S03 NP350V5C-A09UK NP-P500-RA06 NT550P4CSeries
350V5C-S03 NP350V5C-A0AUK NP-P560 NT-E251
355V4C-S04 NP350V5C-S01AU NP-Q210AS05 NT-E252
NP270B4EK01 NP350V5C-S02IN NP-Q520 NT-E257
NP270B4EK04 NP350V5C-S03AU NP-R403 NT-M60
NP270B4EK06 NP350V5C-S05DE NP-R423 NT-P210
NP270B4EK08 NP-350V5C-S07AU NP-R425-DR NT-P469
NP270B4EKD2 NP350V5C-S07IN NP-R439-EN NT-P480
NP270B4EKD4 NP-350V5CS08AU NP-R440-JT02SG NT-P510
NP270E4VEG2 NP-350V5C-S08AU NP-R457 NT-P560
NP270E4VK02 NP350V5C-S0CAU NP-R480L NT-P60
NP270E4VK04 NP350VSC-902AU NP-R481 NT-Q470Series
NP270E4VKH1 NP355E5C-A02EE NP-R505H NT-Q520
NP270E4VX03 NP355E5X NP-R509 NT-R39
NP270E4VX05 NP355E5X-A01RU NP-R515-E NT-R408
NP270E4VX07 NP355E7C-A01DE NP-R540H NT-R41
NP270E4VX0B NP355V4X NP-R540-JT02FR NT-R463
NP270E4VX0D NP355V4X-S04TH NP-R580-JT01AU NT-R465
NP270E4VX0H NP355V5C-A01NL NP-R580-JT02AU NT-R505
NP270E5EK01 NP355V5C-A01RU NP-R728 NT-R509
NP270E5EK03 NP355V5C-A01US NP-R780-JS0BUK NT-R518
NP270E5EK05 NP355V5C-A04NL NP-RC520-S05AU NT-R519
NP270E5EK08 NP355V5C-A04US NP-RC530-S06 NT-R538
NP270E5EK0A NP355V5C-A05UK NP-RF409 NT-R540I
NP270E5EKD1 NP355V5C-S02FR NP-RF511-S04AU NT-R540-JS43M
NP270E5EX04 NP355V5C-S03FR NP-RF710-s04AU NT-R540-PA33
NP270E5EX06 NP355V5C-S03IN NP-RV419 NT-R61
NP270E5EX08 NP355V5C-S05DE NP-RV510-R05US NT-R620
NP270E5GK02 NP355V5S NP-RV511-A07NZ NT-R65PRO
NP270E5GK04 NP35OU5C-A05UK NP-RV511-AO7AU NT-R700
NP270E5GK0E NP500P4C-S03 NP-RV520-A07UK NT-R730
NP270E5GKD2 NP500P4C-S05SG NP-RV520-SO4AU NT-RF512
NP270E5GKU1 NP550P5CPS2 np-s3511 NT-X360
NP270E5GX02 NP550P7CE01HK NP-SA20 NT-X65
NP270E5GX04 NP550P7CS01DE NP-SA31 P210-BA02
NP270E5K NP550P7CS01PL NP-SE21 P210-Pro P8400 Padou
NP-3005VA NP550P7CS01TR NP-X65PRO P460-44G
NP-300E5A-A09AU NP550P7CS02CA NT305E5A P460-AA02
NP300E7A-S01AU NP550P7CS02RU NT370E4KI P461Q208
NP300V3AI NP550P7CS03DE NT370E4K-K03/C P580-JS02AU
NP300V3AS01AU NP550P7CS03NL NT370E4K-K05/C Q320-AuraP7450Darjo
NP300V5AA01 NP550P7CS04DE NT370E4K-K09/C Q460-JS09
NP300V5AA04 NP550P7CS04PL NT370E4K-K0B/C Q460-JS0D
NP300V5ZH NP550P7CS05HK NT370E4K-K0D/C Q460-JS0H
NP305E4AI NP550P7CS09DE NT370E4K-K0G/C Q460-JS0Q
NP-305E5AS02 NP550P7CS0BDE NT370E4K-K0J/C Q470 Series
NP305E5C NP550P7CT01CA NT370E4K-K0L/C Q470-JT01
NP305E7A-S01DE NP550P7CT01DE NT370E4K-K0R/C Q470-JT02
NP305E7A-S02DE NP550P7CT01ES NT370E4K-K0T/C R427
NP305E7A-S04DE NP550P7CT01PL NT370E4Q-KD1S R505FS02
NP305E7A-S07DE NP550P7CT01TR NT370E4Q-KD3S R505-FS05DE
NP305V4ZI NP550P7CT02DE NT370E5JI R540-JA02AU
NP305V5A-A01 NP550P7CT02RU NT370E5J-K02/C RF511-S05
NP305V5A-A01US NP550P7CT03BE NT370E5J-K02G RV720-S01AU
NP305V5AD NP550P7CT03DE NT370E5J-K03G SF411
NP305V5A-S0BAU NP550P7CT03TR NT370E5J-K06/C NP-305E5A
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