HP MU06 Pavilion G4 G6 G7 CQ42 CQ32 G42 CQ43 CQ62 G32 DV6 DM4 G72 Laptop Battery (6M)

HP MU06 Pavilion G4 G6 G7 CQ42 CQ32 G42 CQ43 CQ62 G32 DV6 DM4 G72 Laptop Battery (6M)

  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Battery rating: 10.8V
  • Battery capacity: (55Wh)
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: Black


රු 8,500.00

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Compatible Part Numbers :

586006-121, 586006-141, 586006-241, 586006-321, 586006-361, 586006-541, 586006-741, 586006-761, 586007-001, 586007-121, 586007-141, 586007-251, 586007-421, 586007-541, 586007-851, 586028-321, 586028-341, 586028-421, 586028-423, 588178-141, 588178-541, 593550-001, 593553-001, 593554-001, 593561-001, 593562-001, 636631-001, 640320-001, HSTNN-178C, HSTNN-179C, HSTNN-181C, HSTNN-CB0W, HSTNN-CB0X, HSTNN-CBOW, HSTNN-DB0W, HSTNN-DB0X, HSTNN-E06C, HSTNN-E07C, HSTNN-E08C, HSTNN-E09C, HSTNN-F01C, HSTNN-F02C, HSTNN-F03C, HSTNN-I78C, HSTNN-I79C, HSTNN-I81C, HSTNN-I83C, HSTNN-I84C, HSTNN-IB0W, HSTNN-IB0X, HSTNN-IB1E, HSTNN-IB1F, HSTNN-IB1G, HSTNN-IBOW, HSTNN-IBOX, HSTNN-LB0W, HSTNN-LB0X, HSTNN-LB0Y, HSTNN-LB10, HSTNN-LBOW, HSTNN-OB0X, HSTNN-OB0Y, HSTNN-OBOX, HSTNN-Q47C, HSTNN-Q48C, HSTNN-Q49C, HSTNN-Q50C, HSTNN-Q51C, HSTNN-Q60C, HSTNN-Q61C, HSTNN-Q62C, HSTNN-Q63C, HSTNN-Q64C, HSTNN-Q66C, HSTNN-Q68C, HSTNN-Q72C, HSTNN-Q73C, HSTNN-UB0W, HSTNN-UB0X, HSTNN-UB1E, HSTNN-UB1G, hstnn-ubow, HSTNN-XB0W, HSTNN-XB0X, HSTNN-XB0Y, HSTNN-XB1E, HSTNN-YB0W, HSTNN-YB0X, MU06, MU06047, MU06055, MU06055XL, MU06062, MU09, MU09XL, NBP6A174, NBP6A174B1, NBP6A175, NBP6A175B1, TPN-F101, TPN-F102, TPN-F103, TPN-F104, WD548AA, WD548AA#ABB, WD549AA, WD549AA#ABA

FIT MODELS :(use “ctrl+F” to find your model quickly)

Dv6-6b03sm Pavilion G6-1102AU Pavilion g6-2207tx PavilionDv6-3300
Dv6-6b41ed Pavilion G6-1104SX Pavilion g6-2210so PavilionDv6-6002em
Dv6-6b56el Pavilion G6-1107SI Pavilion g6-2214sr PavilionDv6-6006tu
Dv6-6b71eo Pavilion G6-1123SX Pavilion g6-2236sl PavilionDv6-6013tx
Dv7-6b00et Pavilion G6-1139TX Pavilion g6-2244sf PavilionDv6-6069eo
Dv7-6b62ef Pavilion G6-1170ST Pavilion g6-2253sf PavilionDv6-6086eg
Envy 17-1016TX Pavilion G6-1195ET Pavilion g6-2260sx PavilionDv6-6B00SE
Envy 17-1190NR 3D Pavilion G6-1207SG Pavilion G6Z-1D00 CTO PavilionDv6-6B20SE
G42-285LA Pavilion G6-1211SS Pavilion G7-1009EO PavilionDv6-6B37EO
G42-363LA Pavilion G6-1215EX Pavilion G7-1010EB PavilionDv6-6B80EC
G42-383TX Pavilion G6-1238SA Pavilion g7-1150sm PavilionDv6T-3200
G42-480TX Pavilion G6-1246SE Pavilion g7-1180eg PavilionDv7-4010EM
G56 Series Pavilion g6-1301so Pavilion g7-1227nr PavilionDv7-4077CL
G62-201XX Pavilion g6-1309tu Pavilion g7-1250ea PavilionDv7-4102ER
G62-a50ST Pavilion g6-1311tu Pavilion g7-1260sz PavilionDv7-4121ER
G62-a65SR Pavilion g6-1315sa Pavilion g7-1329wm PavilionDv7-4141ED
Pavilion DM4-1080EA Pavilion g6-1331sx Pavilion g7-1341ef PavilionDv7-4264CA
Pavilion DM4-1118TX Pavilion g6-1336sx Pavilion g7-1352ef PavilionDv7-4320EL
Pavilion DM4-1300EA Pavilion g6-1344el Pavilion g7-2007so PavilionDv7-6002SA
Pavilion DV3-4207TX Pavilion g6-1368sa Pavilion g7-2040eb PavilionDv7-6003EZ
PAVILION G4-1021TU Pavilion g6-1380ex Pavilion g7-2055sb PavilionDv7-6017TX
Pavilion G4-1021TX Pavilion G6-1C58CA Pavilion g7-2110st PavilionDv7-6110SG
Pavilion G4-1032TX Pavilion G6-1D40CA Pavilion g7-2251so PavilionDv7-6143eo
Pavilion G4-1080LA Pavilion G6-1D96NR Pavilion g7-2273ca Presario CQ42-225TU
Pavilion G4-1113TX Pavilion G6-2001EV PavilionDv6-3000 CTO Presario CQ42-259VX
Pavilion G4-1209TU Pavilion G6-2002TU PavilionDv6-3010EV Presario CQ42-279TU
Pavilion G4-1225TX Pavilion G6-2006SIA PavilionDv6-3029sz Presario CQ43-204TU
Pavilion G4-1301AU Pavilion G6-2012SM PavilionDv6-3033EL Presario CQ43-302TX
Pavilion G4-1315BR Pavilion G6-2020EJ PavilionDv6-3040SM Presario CQ43-411TU
Pavilion G4-1315DX Pavilion G6-2027SA PavilionDv6-3050CA Presario CQ56-110EV
Pavilion G4-2006AX Pavilion G6-2036SY PavilionDv6-3060em Presario CQ56-115DX
Pavilion G4-2034TX Pavilion G6-2040EB PavilionDv6-3109TX Presario CQ56-115SO
Pavilion g4-2122tu Pavilion G6-2052SS PavilionDv6-3112SE Presario CQ56-130SY
Pavilion G6-1002EV Pavilion G6-2102SG PavilionDv6-3120EP Presario CQ56-205EV
Pavilion G6-1007SQ Pavilion G6-2105EZ PavilionDv6-3141SL Presario CQ56-209SG
Pavilion G6-1017SE Pavilion G6-2109TU PavilionDv6-3148TX Presario CQ56-220CA
Pavilion G6-1035EO Pavilion G6-2112TU PavilionDv6-3152ER Presario CQ56-254SA
Pavilion G6-1050EV Pavilion G6-2132TX PavilionDv6-3157EZ Presario CQ62-210AX
Pavilion G6-1053EI Pavilion G6-2140EX PavilionDv6-3163NR Presario CQ62-220EM
Pavilion G6-1060EP Pavilion G6-2147SA PavilionDv6-3170SS Presario CQ62-252TX
Pavilion G6-1076ST Pavilion G6-2152EE PavilionDv6-3225TX Presario CQ62-A25SA
Pavilion G6-1080SV Pavilion g6-2204sd HP pavilion g6 2132tx note book 586007-2A3
Hp compaq
Presario CQ32 Series
Weight 0.2 kg


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