HP BT04XL EliteBook Folio 9470 9470M Series Laptop Battery (6M)

HP BT04XL EliteBook Folio 9470 9470M Series Laptop Battery (6M)

  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Voltage: 14.8V
  • Capacity: 52Wh
  • Color: Black


රු 35,000.00

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Compatible Part Numbers :

593554-001, 687517-171, 687517-241, 687517-2C1, 687945-001, 696621-001, A2304051XL, BA06, BA06XL, BT04, BT04052XL, BT04XL, BT06, BT06XL, H4Q47AA, H4Q48AA, HSTNN-110C, HSTNN-DB3Z, HSTNN-I10C, HSTNN-IB3Z

FIT MODELS :(use “ctrl+F” to find your model quickly)

FOLIO 9470M-B7S89AV Folio 9470m-E5R38US Folio 9470m-J7F91UP Folio 9480m-K8B89US
FOLIO 9470M-B7S90AV FOLIO 9470M-E5R46US Folio 9470m-J7G52UP Folio 9480m-K8B99US
FOLIO 9470M-B7S91AV Folio 9470m-E5R60US Folio 9470m-J7M49US Folio 9480m-K8C03US
FOLIO 9470M-B7S92AV Folio 9470m-E5R72US Folio 9470m-J7M55US Folio 9480m-K8C25US
FOLIO 9470M-B7S93AV Folio 9470m-E5R76US Folio 9470m-J7M59US Folio 9480m-K8C32US
FOLIO 9470M-B7S94AV Folio 9470m-E5S15US Folio 9470m-J7M66US Folio 9480m-K8C40US
FOLIO 9470M-C3C56ES FOLIO 9470M-E6H63US Folio 9470m-J7M67US Folio 9480m-K8C80US
FOLIO 9470M-C3C98ES FOLIO 9470M-E6H70US Folio 9470m-J7M73US Folio 9480m-K8C81US
FOLIO 9470M-C3D32ES FOLIO 9470M-E6H96US Folio 9470m-J7M94US Folio 9480m-K8C84US
FOLIO 9470M-C3D33ES Folio 9470m-E6J28US Folio 9470m-J7M95US Folio 9480m-K8C93US
Folio 9470m-C3D73ES Folio 9470m-E6S62UC Folio 9470m-J7N08US Folio 9480m-K8C95US
Folio 9470m-C3E21ES FOLIO 9470M-E6S69UC Folio 9470m-J7N67US Folio 9480m-K8D00US
Folio 9470m-C3E51ES Folio 9470m-E6S83UC Folio 9470m-J7P55US Folio 9480m-K8D16US
FOLIO 9470M-C6Z04LA Folio 9470m-E6S93UC Folio 9470m-J8P69PC Folio 9480m-K8D28US
FOLIO 9470M-C6Z05LA FOLIO 9470M-E6S97UC Folio 9470m-J8V13LP Folio 9480m-K8D45US
FOLIO 9470M-C6Z07LA Folio 9470m-E6W54US Folio 9470m-J9D31US Folio 9480m-K8D65US
FOLIO 9470M-C6Z08LA FOLIO 9470M-E6W82US Folio 9470m-J9D48US Folio 9480m-K8D75US
FOLIO 9470M-C6Z61UT Folio 9470m-E6X26US Folio 9470m-J9D49US Folio 9480m-K8D77US
FOLIO 9470M-C6Z62UT Folio 9470m-E7M00PA Folio 9470m-J9D99US Folio 9480m-K8D82US
FOLIO 9470M-C6Z63UT Folio 9470m-E7M01PA Folio 9470m-J9S90US Folio 9480m-K8D83US
Folio 9470m-C6Z63UTR Folio 9470m-E7M02PA Folio 9470m-J9T71US Folio 9480m-K8J32UC
Folio 9470m-C7C54AV Folio 9470m-E7M18PA Folio 9470m-J9U20US Folio 9480m-K8J55UC
FOLIO 9470M-C7C55AV Folio 9470m-E7M27PA Folio 9470m-J9U50US Folio 9480m-K8V50EP
FOLIO 9470M-C7C56AV Folio 9470m-E7M28PA Folio 9470m-K0D30UC Folio 9480m-K8V80UP
FOLIO 9470M-C7C57AV Folio 9470m-E7M29PA Folio 9470m-K0G48ES Folio 9480m-K8V82UP
FOLIO 9470M-C7C58AV Folio 9470m-E7M30PA Folio 9470m-K0N38UP Folio 9480m-K8W05UP
FOLIO 9470M-C7C59AV Folio 9470m-E7M31PA Folio 9470m-K2M42UC Folio 9480m-K8W15UP
Folio 9470m-C7Q21AWR Folio 9470m-E7M32PA Folio 9470m-K2M71UC Folio 9480m-K8W32UP
FOLIO 9470M-C8J12PA Folio 9470m-E7M33PA Folio 9470m-K2M72UC Folio 9480m-K8W33UP
FOLIO 9470M-C8J13PA Folio 9470m-E7M34PA Folio 9470m-K2X12US Folio 9480m-K8W48UP
FOLIO 9470M-C8J99PA Folio 9470m-E7M35PA Folio 9470m-K2Y60US Folio 9480m-K8W61UP
FOLIO 9470M-C8K00PA Folio 9470m-E7M39PA Folio 9470m-K4K91UT Folio 9480m-K8W64UP
FOLIO 9470M-C8K02PA Folio 9470m-E7M66PA Folio 9470m-K4K92UT Folio 9480m-K8W77UP
FOLIO 9470M-C8K03PA Folio 9470m-E7M67PA Folio 9470m-K4P70US Folio 9480m-K8W87UP
FOLIO 9470M-C8K20PA Folio 9470m-E8K07UP Folio 9470m-K5R75US Folio 9480m-K8W95UP
FOLIO 9470M-C8K21PA Folio 9470m-E8K14UP Folio 9470m-K5T34UP Folio 9480m-K8X16UP
FOLIO 9470M-C8K22PA FOLIO 9470M-E8K24UP Folio 9470m-K6L77US Folio 9480m-K8X17UP
FOLIO 9470M-C8K23PA Folio 9470m-E8K28UP Folio 9470m-K7C37PA Folio 9480m-K9B88UC
FOLIO 9470M-C9H54UT Folio 9470m-E8K34UP Folio 9470m-K7C38PA Folio 9480m-K9B94UC
FOLIO 9470M-C9J06LA Folio 9470m-E8K35UP Folio 9470m-K8J34UC Folio 9480m-K9B95UC
FOLIO 9470M-C9J07LA FOLIO 9470M-E8K55UP Folio 9470m-K8V51EP Folio 9480m-K9B96UC
FOLIO 9470M-C9J10UT Folio 9470m-E8K56UP Folio 9470m-K9R05PA Folio 9480m-K9B97UC
FOLIO 9470M-C9P75US FOLIO 9470M-E8K58UP Folio 9470m-L1A73US Folio 9480m-K9B98UC
FOLIO 9470M-D0J00US FOLIO 9470M-E8K59UP Folio 9470m-L1W56UP Folio 9480m-K9B99UC
FOLIO 9470M-D0M91PA Folio 9470m-E8K60UP Folio 9480m-1FM43USR Folio 9480m-K9C23UC


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