HP CN03XL Envy 13-AB054NA Laptop Battery (6M)

HP CN03XL Envy 13-AB054NA Laptop Battery (6M)

Battery rating: 11.55V
Battery capacity: (57Wh)
Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
Battery color: Black


රු 25,000.00

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Compatible Part Numbers :

901308-421, 901345-855, CN03057XL, CN03XL, HSTNN-LB7L

FIT MODELS :(use “ctrl+F” to find your model quickly)

Envy 13-ab000 Envy 13-AB002NX Z9E20EA Envy 13-AB009NS Z3B89EA Envy 13-AB026TU Envy 13-AB052TU 1HP59PA
Envy 13-AB000NA Envy 13-AB002TU Envy 13-AB009TU Envy 13-AB026TU Z6Y39PA Envy 13-AB053TU
Envy 13-AB000NA X9W46EA Envy 13-AB002TU Z4P72PA Envy 13-AB009UR Envy 13-AB027NF Envy 13-AB053TU 1HP60PA
Envy 13-AB000NC Envy 13-AB002UR Envy 13-ab010nd Envy 13-AB027NF 1NB12EA Envy 13-AB054NA
Envy 13-ab000nd Envy 13-AB003NA Envy 13-AB010ND Y5U47EA Envy 13-AB027TU Envy 13-AB054NA Y3W18EA
Envy 13-AB000ND X9W47EA Envy 13-AB003NA Y3V80EA Envy 13-AB010NF Envy 13-AB027TU Z6Y40PA Envy 13-AB054TU
Envy 13-AB000NE Envy 13-ab003nf Envy 13-AB010NF Z5E14EA Envy 13-AB028NF Envy 13-AB054TU 1HP61PA
Envy 13-AB000NE Y3W34EA Envy 13-AB003NF Y3V81EA Envy 13-AB010NL Envy 13-AB028NF 1TP51EA Envy 13-AB055NR
Envy 13-AB000NF Envy 13-ab003ng Envy 13-AB010NL 1LJ42EA Envy 13-AB028TU Envy 13-AB055NR X7S62UA
Envy 13-AB000NF Y3V75EA Envy 13-AB003NG Z6J72EA Envy 13-AB010TU Envy 13-AB028TU Z6Y41PA Envy 13-AB056NR
Envy 13-AB000NI Envy 13-AB003NL Envy 13-AB010TU Z4Q36PA Envy 13-AB029NF Envy 13-AB057NA
Envy 13-AB000NI Z6K06EA Envy 13-AB003NL Y3X06EA Envy 13-AB010UR Envy 13-AB029NF 1TP52EA Envy 13-AB057NA 1DL56EA
Envy 13-AB000NIA Envy 13-AB003NN Envy 13-AB011NB Envy 13-AB029TU Envy 13-AB057NR
Envy 13-AB000NJ Envy 13-AB003NN Z9F28EA Envy 13-AB011NB X9Y48EA Envy 13-AB029TU Z6Y96PA Envy 13-AB057NR 1WJ93UA
Envy 13-AB000NJ Z5F13EA Envy 13-AB003NO Envy 13-AB011TU Envy 13-AB030NF Envy 13-AB058NA
Envy 13-AB000NK Envy 13-AB003NO Z3F57EA Envy 13-AB011TU Z4Q37PA Envy 13-AB030NF 1TP53EA Envy 13-AB058NA 1DL58EA
Envy 13-AB000NK Z9F81EA Envy 13-AB003NT Envy 13-AB012NF Envy 13-AB030NZ Envy 13-AB059NA
Envy 13-AB000NP Envy 13-AB003NT Z3C44EA Envy 13-AB012NF Z9E63EA Envy 13-AB030TU Envy 13-AB059NA 1DL60EA
Envy 13-AB000NP X9Y00EA Envy 13-AB003NW Envy 13-AB013NF Envy 13-AB030TU Z6Y97PA Envy 13-AB059SA
Envy 13-ab000ns Envy 13-AB003NW 1JP00EA Envy 13-AB013NF Z9E64EA Envy 13-AB031NF Envy 13-AB059TU
Envy 13-AB000NS X9Y01EA Envy 13-AB003TU Envy 13-AB014NB Envy 13-AB031NF 1TP54EA Envy 13-AB059TU 1HP87PA
Envy 13-AB000NW Envy 13-AB003TU Z4P73PA Envy 13-AB014NB X9Y49EA Envy 13-ab031ng Envy 13-AB060TU
Envy 13-AB000NW X9Y44EA Envy 13-AB003UR Envy 13-AB014NF Envy 13-AB031TU Envy 13-AB060TU 1HP88PA
Envy 13-AB000NX Envy 13-AB004LA Envy 13-AB014NF Z9E65EA Envy 13-AB031TU Z6Y98PA Envy 13-AB061TU
Envy 13-AB000NX Y5T87EA Envy 13-AB004LA X6X77LA Envy 13-AB014TU Envy 13-AB032NF Envy 13-AB061TU 1HP89PA
Envy 13-AB000UR Envy 13-AB004NA Envy 13-AB014TU Z6Y21PA Envy 13-AB032NF 1TP55EA Envy 13-AB062TU
Envy 13-AB001LA Envy 13-AB004NA Y3V82EA Envy 13-AB015NB Envy 13-AB032TU Envy 13-AB062TU 1HP90PA
Envy 13-AB001NA Envy 13-AB004NF Envy 13-AB015NB 1DN43EA Envy 13-AB032TU Z6Y99PA Envy 13-AB063
Envy 13-AB001NA Y3V76EA Envy 13-AB004NF Y3V83EA Envy 13-ab015tu Envy 13-AB033NF Envy 13-AB064TU
Envy 13-AB001NE Envy 13-ab004ng Envy 13-AB015TU Z6Y22PA Envy 13-AB033NF 1TP56EA Envy 13-AB064TU 1HQ03PA
Envy 13-AB001NE Y3W35EA Envy 13-AB004NG Z6J73EA Envy 13-AB016NF Envy 13-AB033TU Envy 13-AB065TU
Envy 13-AB001NF Envy 13-AB004NO Envy 13-AB016NF 1GM16EA Envy 13-AB033TU Z6Z00PA Envy 13-AB065TU 1HQ04PA
Envy 13-AB001NF Y3V77EA Envy 13-AB004NO Z5G10EA Envy 13-ab016nr Envy 13-AB034NF Envy 13-AB066TU
Envy 13-ab001ng Envy 13-AB004NT Envy 13-AB016NR X7S56UA Envy 13-AB034NF 1TP80EA Envy 13-AB066TU 1HQ11PA
Envy 13-AB001NG Z5E08EA Envy 13-AB004NT Z3C45EA Envy 13-AB016TU Envy 13-AB034TU Envy 13-AB067CL
Envy 13-AB001NI Envy 13-AB004TU Envy 13-AB016TU Z6Y23PA Envy 13-AB034TU Z6Z01PA Envy 13-AB067CL 1ZS30UA
Envy 13-AB001NI Z6K08EA Envy 13-AB004UR Envy 13-AB017NF Envy 13-AB035NF Envy 13-AB068
Envy 13-AB001NJ Envy 13-AB005NA Envy 13-AB017NF 1GM17EA Envy 13-AB035TU Envy 13-AB069TU
Envy 13-AB001NJ Z5F14EA Envy 13-AB005NA Y7Y58EA Envy 13-AB017TU Envy 13-AB036NF Envy 13-AB069TU 1HQ33PA
Envy 13-AB001NK Envy 13-AB005NF Envy 13-AB017TU Z6Y24PA Envy 13-AB036NF 1TP82EA Envy 13-AB070NO
Envy 13-AB001NK Z9F82EA Envy 13-AB005NF Y3V84EA Envy 13-AB018NF Envy 13-AB036TU Envy 13-AB070TU
Envy 13-AB001NN Envy 13-ab005ng Envy 13-AB018NF 1GM18EA Envy 13-AB037NF Envy 13-AB070TU 1HQ34PA
Envy 13-AB001NN Z3E36EA Envy 13-AB005NG Z6J74EA Envy 13-AB018TU Envy 13-AB037NF 1TQ25EA Envy 13-AB071TU
Envy 13-AB001NO Envy 13-AB005NO Envy 13-AB018TU Z6Y25PA Envy 13-AB037TU Envy 13-AB071TU 1PL56PA
Envy 13-AB001NO Y5U27EA Envy 13-AB005NO Z5G11EA Envy 13-AB019NF Envy 13-AB038NF Envy 13-AB072
Envy 13-AB001NP Envy 13-AB005NW Envy 13-AB019NF 1GM32EA Envy 13-AB038NF 1TQ42EA Envy 13-AB073
Envy 13-AB001NP Y5S81EA Envy 13-AB005NW 1JP02EA Envy 13-AB019TU Envy 13-AB038TU Envy 13-AB074
Envy 13-AB001NS Envy 13-AB005TU Envy 13-AB019TU Z6Y26PA Envy 13-AB039NF Envy 13-AB075
Envy 13-AB001NS X9X67EA Envy 13-AB005TU Z4Q31PA Envy 13-AB020NF Envy 13-AB039NF 2EP73EA Envy 13-AB076
Envy 13-AB001NT Envy 13-AB005UR Envy 13-AB020NF 1GN09EA Envy 13-AB039TU Envy 13-AB077CL
Envy 13-AB001NT X9Y45EA Envy 13-AB006LA Envy 13-AB020NR Envy 13-AB039TU Z6Z06PA Envy 13-AB077CL X7S61UA
Envy 13-AB001NX Envy 13-AB006NF Envy 13-AB020NR X7S59UA Envy 13-AB040NF Envy 13-AB078
Envy 13-AB001NX Y5T88EA Envy 13-AB006NF Y3W60EA Envy 13-AB020TU Envy 13-AB040NF 2EP90EA Envy 13-AB079
Envy 13-AB001TU Envy 13-AB006NS Envy 13-AB020TU Z6Y27PA Envy 13-AB040TU Envy 13-AB080NO
Envy 13-AB001UR Envy 13-AB006NS 1AN69EA Envy 13-AB021ND Envy 13-AB041TU Envy 13-AB080NO 1AN37EA
Envy 13-AB002LA Envy 13-AB006TU Envy 13-AB021ND Y5U92EA Envy 13-AB041TU Z6Z10PA Envy 13-AB080NZ
Envy 13-AB002LA X6X75LA Envy 13-AB006TU Z4Q32PA Envy 13-AB021NF Envy 13-AB042TU Envy 13-AB081
Envy 13-AB002NA Envy 13-AB006UR Envy 13-AB021NF 1GP10EA Envy 13-AB042TU 1AC47PA Envy 13-AB082
Envy 13-AB002NA Y3V78EA Envy 13-AB007LA Envy 13-AB021TU Envy 13-AB043TU Envy 13-AB083
Envy 13-AB002NF Envy 13-AB007NA Envy 13-AB021TU Z6X90PA Envy 13-AB043TU 1AC48PA Envy 13-AB084
Envy 13-AB002NF Y3V79EA Envy 13-AB007NA 1DL53EA Envy 13-AB022NF Envy 13-AB044 Envy 13-AB085
Envy 13-ab002ng Envy 13-AB007NF Envy 13-AB022NF 1GP11EA Envy 13-AB045TU Envy 13-AB086
Envy 13-AB002NG Z6J71EA Envy 13-AB007NF Z3C46EA Envy 13-AB022TU Envy 13-AB045TU 1AD76PA Envy 13-AB087
Envy 13-AB002NI Envy 13-AB007NS Envy 13-AB022TU Z6Y11PA Envy 13-AB046TU Envy 13-AB088
Envy 13-AB002NI Z6K10EA Envy 13-AB007NS 1AN70EA Envy 13-AB023NF Envy 13-AB046TU 1AD77PA Envy 13-AB089
Envy 13-AB002NK Envy 13-AB007TU Envy 13-AB023NF 1GP12EA Envy 13-AB047TU Envy 13-AB090
Envy 13-AB002NK Z9F83EA Envy 13-AB007UR Envy 13-AB023TU Envy 13-AB047TU 1AD78PA Envy 13-AB091
Envy 13-AB002NN Envy 13-AB008NA Envy 13-AB023TU Z6Y36PA Envy 13-AB048TU Envy 13-AB092
Envy 13-AB002NO Envy 13-AB008NA 1DL54EA Envy 13-AB024NF Envy 13-AB048TU 1AD79PA Envy 13-AB093
Envy 13-AB002NO Y5U28EA Envy 13-AB008NS Envy 13-AB024NF 1NB09EA Envy 13-AB049TU Envy 13-AB094
Envy 13-AB002NP Envy 13-AB008NS 1AN71EA Envy 13-AB024TU Envy 13-AB049TU 1AD93PA Envy 13-AB095
Envy 13-AB002NP Y5S83EA Envy 13-AB008TU Envy 13-AB024TU Z6Y37PA Envy 13-AB050TU Envy 13-AB096
Envy 13-AB002NS Envy 13-AB008TU Z4Q34PA Envy 13-AB025NF Envy 13-AB050TU 1DF59PA Envy 13-AB097
Envy 13-AB002NS X9X68EA Envy 13-AB008UR Envy 13-AB025TU Envy 13-AB051TU Envy 13-AB098NIA
Envy 13-AB002NT Envy 13-AB009NA Envy 13-AB025TU Z6Y38PA Envy 13-AB051TU 1DF72PA Envy 13-AB099NP
Envy 13-AB002NT X9Y46EA Envy 13-AB009NA 1DL55EA Envy 13-AB026NF Envy 13-AB052TU Envy 13T-ab000 CTO
Envy 13-AB002NX Envy 13-ab009ns Envy 13-AB026NF 1NB11EA
Weight 0.2 kg


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