HP EL04XL Envy 4-1000 Envy 4T-1200 CTO Envy 4-1028TU UltraBook Laptop Battery (6M)

HP EL04XL Envy 4-1000 Envy 4T-1200 CTO Envy 4-1028TU UltraBook Laptop Battery (6M)

  • Battery Voltage : 14.8V
  • Model Number : EL04XL
  • Compatible Brand : HP
  • Type : Lithium Ion


රු 29,500.00

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681879-121, 681879-171, 681879-1C1, 681879-541, 681949-001, 681949-541, EL04, EL04052XL, EL04XL, ELO4XL, HSTNN-IB3R, HSTNN-UB3R, TPN-C102

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4-1010EA Envy 4-1028TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1065TX Envy 4-1130BR Envy 4-1250SF
ENVPR4 I5-3317U Envy 4-1028TX Envy 4-1065TX SleekBook PC Envy 4-1130EB Envy 4-1252LA
Envy 4 1002-TX Envy 4-1028TX NB PC Envy 4-1066TX Envy 4-1130EI Envy 4-1252LA UltraBook
Envy 4 1035TX Envy 4-1029TU Envy 4-1066TX SleekBook PC Envy 4-1130EW Envy 4-1255ER
Envy 4 Series Envy 4-1029TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1070EF Envy 4-1130LA Envy 4-1256ER
Envy 4 SleekBook PC 4-1005XX Envy 4-1029TX Envy 4-1070EL Envy 4-1130LA NB PC Envy 4-1257ER
Envy 4 SleekBook PC 4-1043CL Envy 4-1029TX NB PC Envy 4-1070SF Envy 4-1130SB Envy 4-1257SR
Envy 4-1000 Envy 4-1030CA Envy 4-1070SL Envy 4-1130US Envy 4-1260EF
Envy 4-1000EA Envy 4-1030ED Envy 4-1075ER Envy 4-1130US UltraBook Envy 4-1260ER
Envy 4-1000EN Envy 4-1030EN Envy 4-1075SR Envy 4-1150BR Envy 4-1260SF
Envy 4-1000ET Envy 4-1030SD Envy 4-1080EE Envy 4-1150BR NB PC Envy 4-1262EF
Envy 4-1000SA Envy 4-1030SN Envy 4-1080EO Envy 4-1150EA Envy 4-1262SF
Envy 4-1000SG Envy 4-1030SS Envy 4-1080EX Envy 4-1150EC Envy 4-1267SZ
Envy 4-1000SN Envy 4-1030TU Envy 4-1080SE Envy 4-1150ER Envy 4-1270ER
Envy 4-1000ST Envy 4-1030TU SleekBook PC Envy 4-1080SX Envy 4-1150EZ Envy 4-1270EZ
Envy 4-1001ET Envy 4-1030TX Envy 4-1090EE Envy 4-1150LA Envy 4-1271ER
Envy 4-1001ST Envy 4-1030TX NB PC Envy 4-1090EO Envy 4-1150LA NB PC Envy 4-1272ER
Envy 4-1001TU Envy 4-1030US Envy 4-1090SE Envy 4-1151ER Envy 4-1273ER
Envy 4-1001TU NB PC Envy 4-1031TU Envy 4-1090SO Envy 4-1152ER Envy 4-1279SF
Envy 4-1001TX Envy 4-1031TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1100 Envy 4-1152LA Envy 4-1280EF
Envy 4-1001TX NB PC Envy 4-1031TX Envy 4-11001TU Envy 4-1152LA NB PC Envy 4-1280SF
Envy 4-1002TU Envy 4-1031TX NB PC Envy 4-1100EB Envy 4-1152SR Envy 4-1281EF
Envy 4-1002TU NB PC Envy 4-1032TU Envy 4-1100ED Envy 4-1155LA Envy 4-1282EF
Envy 4-1002TX Envy 4-1032TU SleekBook PC Envy 4-1100EE Envy 4-1155LA NB PC Envy 4-1282SF
Envy 4-1002TX NB PC Envy 4-1032TX Envy 4-1100EL Envy 4-1160EC Envy 4-1283EG
Envy 4-1003TU Envy 4-1032TX NB PC Envy 4-1100EM Envy 4-1161ER Envy 4-1289SL
Envy 4-1003TU NB PC Envy 4-1033TU Envy 4-1100ES Envy 4-1162EF Envy 4-1290ET
Envy 4-1003TX Envy 4-1033TU SleekBook PC Envy 4-1100ET Envy 4-1162SF Envy 4-1290ST
Envy 4-1003TX NB PC Envy 4-1033TX Envy 4-1100EX Envy 4-1170ED Envy 4-1291EE
Envy 4-1004TU Envy 4-1033TX NB PC Envy 4-1100SB Envy 4-1170EF Envy 4-1291EX
Envy 4-1004TU NB PC Envy 4-1034TU Envy 4-1100SE Envy 4-1170EZ Envy 4-1291SE
Envy 4-1004TX Envy 4-1034TU SleekBook PC Envy 4-1100SG Envy 4-1170SF Envy 4-1291SX
Envy 4-1004TX NB PC Envy 4-1034TX Envy 4-1100SL Envy 4-1180EF Envy 4T-1000
Envy 4-1005TU Envy 4-1034TX NB PC Envy 4-1100SM Envy 4-1180SF Envy 4T-1000 Series
Envy 4-1005TU NB PC Envy 4-1035SG Envy 4-1100SS Envy 4-1181EG Envy 4T-1100
Envy 4-1005TX Envy 4-1035TU Envy 4-1100ST Envy 4-1193CA Envy 4T-1100 CTO
Envy 4-1005TX NB PC Envy 4-1035TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1100SX Envy 4-1195CA Envy 4T-1200
Envy 4-1005XX Envy 4-1035TX Envy 4-1101EA Envy 4-1200 Envy 4T-1200 CTO
Envy 4-1006TU Envy 4-1035TX NB PC Envy 4-1101EO Envy 4-1200EB Envy 4T-1200 UltraBook
Envy 4-1006TX Envy 4-1036TU Envy 4-1101ES Envy 4-1200ED Envy Pro 4 I5-3317U 14
Envy 4-1006TX NB PC Envy 4-1036TU SleekBook PC Envy 4-1101SA Envy 4-1200EL Envy Pro 4 I5-3317U 14.0 4GB/320 PC
Envy 4-1007TU Envy 4-1036TX Envy 4-1101SG Envy 4-1200EO Envy Pro 4 I5-3317U 14.0 4GB/N PC
Envy 4-1007TU NB PC Envy 4-1036TX SleekBook PC Envy 4-1101SS Envy 4-1200EZ Envy Pro I5-3317U 14.0 320/4GB PC
Envy 4-1007TX Envy 4-1037TU Envy 4-1101TU Envy 4-1201EA Envy SleekBook 4-1010US
Envy 4-1007TX NB PC Envy 4-1037TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1101TU SleekBook PC Envy 4-1201NR Envy SleekBook 4-1016NR
Envy 4-1008TU Envy 4-1037TX Envy 4-1101TX Envy 4-1201TX Envy SleekBook 4-1128TX
Envy 4-1008TU NB PC Envy 4-1037TX SleekBook PC Envy 4-1101TX SleekBook PC Envy 4-1201TX UltraBook Envy SleekBook 4T-1000
Envy 4-1008TX Envy 4-1038NR Envy 4-1102ED Envy 4-1202EA Envy SleekBook 4T-1100
Envy 4-1008TX NB PC Envy 4-1038TU Envy 4-1102EE Envy 4-1202ED Envy TouchSmart 4
Envy 4-1009TU Envy 4-1038TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1102EG Envy 4-1202EO Envy TouchSmart 4-1195CA UltraBook
Envy 4-1009TU NB PC Envy 4-1038TX Envy 4-1102ES Envy 4-1202EX Envy TouchSmart 4-1215DX UltraBook
Envy 4-1009TX Envy 4-1038TX UltraBook PC Envy 4-1102SE Envy 4-1202SG Envy TouchSmart 4-1231TU UltraBook
Envy 4-1009TX NB PC Envy 4-1039TU Envy 4-1102SG Envy 4-1202SS Envy TouchSmart 4T-1200 UltraBook
Envy 4-1010EA Envy 4-1039TU SleekBook PC Envy 4-1102SS Envy 4-1202SX Envy TouchSmart SleekBook 4T-1100
Envy 4-1010ED Envy 4-1039TX Envy 4-1102TU Envy 4-1202TX Envy TouchSmart UltraBook 4T-1100
Envy 4-1010EN Envy 4-1039TX SleekBook PC Envy 4-1102TU SleekBook PC Envy 4-1202TX SleekBook Envy TS 4-1208TU UltraBook
Envy 4-1010ES Envy 4-1040LA Envy 4-1102TX Envy 4-1203EA Envy TS 4-1210TU UltraBook
Envy 4-1010EW Envy 4-1040LA NB PC Envy 4-1102TX NB PC Envy 4-1203EE Envy TS 4-1217TU UltraBook
Envy 4-1010SA Envy 4-1040SS Envy 4-1102XX Envy 4-1203NR Envy TS 4-1218TU UltraBook
Envy 4-1010SD Envy 4-1040TU Envy 4-1102XX TouchSmart UltraBook Envy 4-1203SA Envy TS 4-1219TU UltraBook
Envy 4-1010SN Envy 4-1040TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1103EA Envy 4-1203TX Envy TS 4-1220TX UltraBook
Envy 4-1010SS Envy 4-1040TX Envy 4-1103EO Envy 4-1203TX SleekBook Envy TS 4-1221TX UltraBook
Envy 4-1010SW Envy 4-1040TX UltraBook PC Envy 4-1103SA Envy 4-1204EA Envy TS 4-1222TU UltraBook
Envy 4-1010TU Envy 4-1041TU Envy 4-1103TU Envy 4-1204SA Envy TS 4-1223TU UltraBook
Envy 4-1010TU NB PC Envy 4-1041TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1103TU NB PC Envy 4-1204SS Envy TS 4-1230TU UltraBook
Envy 4-1010TX Envy 4-1041TX Envy 4-1103TX Envy 4-1204TU Envy TS 4-1231TU UltraBook
Envy 4-1010TX NB PC Envy 4-1041TX UltraBook PC Envy 4-1103TX NB PC Envy 4-1204TU SleekBook Envy TS 4-1232TU UltraBook
Envy 4-1010US Envy 4-1042TU Envy 4-1104TU Envy 4-1204TX Envy TS 4-1236TU UltraBook
Envy 4-1011ED Envy 4-1042TU SleekBook PC Envy 4-1104TU NB PC Envy 4-1204TX UltraBook Envy TS 4-1239TU UltraBook
Envy 4-1011SD Envy 4-1042TX Envy 4-1104TX Envy 4-1205DX Envy TS 4-1241TU UltraBook
Envy 4-1011TU Envy 4-1042TX SleekBook PC Envy 4-1104TX NB PC Envy 4-1205EE Envy TS 4-1242TU UltraBook
Envy 4-1011TU NB PC Envy 4-1042TX UltraBook PC Envy 4-1105DX Envy 4-1205SS Envy TS 4-1243TU SleekBook
Envy 4-1011TX Envy 4-1043CL Envy 4-1105DX TouchSmart UltraBook Envy 4-1205TX Envy TS 4-1245TU SleekBook
Envy 4-1011TX NB PC Envy 4-1043TU Envy 4-1105TU Envy 4-1206TU Envy TS SleekBook 4
Envy 4-1012TU Envy 4-1043TU SleekBook PC Envy 4-1105TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1206TU UltraBook Envy TS SleekBook 4-1129TU
Envy 4-1012TU NB PC Envy 4-1043TX Envy 4-1105TX Envy 4-1207TU Envy TS UltraBook 4-1112TU
Envy 4-1012TX Envy 4-1044TU Envy 4-1105TX NB PC Envy 4-1207TU UltraBook Envy TS UltraBook 4-1113TU
Envy 4-1012TX NB PC Envy 4-1044TU SleekBook PC Envy 4-1106TU Envy 4-1208TU Envy TS UltraBook 4-1117TU
Envy 4-1013TU Envy 4-1044TX Envy 4-1106TX Envy 4-1209TX Envy TS UltraBook 4-1118TU
Envy 4-1013TU NB PC Envy 4-1045TU Envy 4-1106TX UltraBook PC Envy 4-1209TX UltraBook Envy TS UltraBook 4-1119TU
Envy 4-1013TX Envy 4-1045TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1107TU Envy 4-1210EG Envy TS UltraBook 4-1124TU
Envy 4-1013TX NB PC Envy 4-1045TX Envy 4-1107TU NB PC Envy 4-1210EI Envy TS UltraBook 4-1125TU
Envy 4-1014TU Envy 4-1046TU Envy 4-1107TX Envy 4-1210EW Envy TS UltraBook 4-1126TU
Envy 4-1014TU NB PC Envy 4-1046TU SleekBook PC Envy 4-1107TX SleekBook PC Envy 4-1210SG Envy UltraBook 4-1000
Envy 4-1014TX Envy 4-1046TX Envy 4-1108TU Envy 4-1210SW Envy UltraBook 4-1000ET
Envy 4-1014TX NB PC Envy 4-1047TU Envy 4-1108TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1210TU Envy UltraBook 4-1000SG
Envy 4-1015DX Envy 4-1047TU SleekBook PC Envy 4-1108TX Envy 4-1211TX Envy UltraBook 4-1000ST
Envy 4-1015TU Envy 4-1047TX Envy 4-1108TX SleekBook PC Envy 4-1211TX UltraBook Envy UltraBook 4-1001ET
Envy 4-1015TU NB PC Envy 4-1047TX SleekBook PC Envy 4-1109TU Envy 4-1212TU Envy UltraBook 4-1002TX
Envy 4-1015TX Envy 4-1048TU Envy 4-1109TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1212TU SleekBook Envy UltraBook 4-1004TX
Envy 4-1015TX NB PC Envy 4-1048TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1109TX Envy 4-1214TU Envy UltraBook 4-1005XX
Envy 4-1016NR Envy 4-1048TX Envy 4-1109TX NB PC AUST Envy 4-1214TX Envy UltraBook 4-1007TX
Envy 4-1016TU Envy 4-1048TX UltraBook PC Envy 4-1110EI Envy 4-1214TX UltraBook Envy UltraBook 4-1010EA
Envy 4-1016TU NB PC Envy 4-1049TU Envy 4-1110ET Envy 4-1215DX Envy UltraBook 4-1010ED
Envy 4-1016TX Envy 4-1049TU SleekBook PC Envy 4-1110EW Envy 4-1215TX Envy UltraBook 4-1010EN
Envy 4-1016TX NB PC Envy 4-1049TX Envy 4-1110SW Envy 4-1215TX UltraBook Envy UltraBook 4-1010EW
Envy 4-1017NR Envy 4-1049TX UltraBook PC Envy 4-1110TU Envy 4-1216TU Envy UltraBook 4-1010SA
Envy 4-1017TU Envy 4-1050BR Envy 4-1110TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1216TU UltraBook Envy UltraBook 4-1010SD
Envy 4-1017TU NB PC Envy 4-1050BR NB PC Envy 4-1110TX Envy 4-1217TU Envy UltraBook 4-1010SN
Envy 4-1017TX Envy 4-1050CA Envy 4-1110TX UltraBook PC Envy 4-1218TU Envy UltraBook 4-1010SS
Envy 4-1017TX NB PC Envy 4-1050ER Envy 4-1110US Envy 4-1219TU Envy UltraBook 4-1010SW
Envy 4-1018TU Envy 4-1050LA Envy 4-1110US UltraBook Envy 4-1220TX Envy UltraBook 4-1010US
Envy 4-1018TU NB PC Envy 4-1050TU Envy 4-1111TU Envy 4-1221TU Envy UltraBook 4-1012TU
Envy 4-1018TX Envy 4-1050TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1111TU SleekBook PC Envy 4-1221TX Envy UltraBook 4-1015DX
Envy 4-1018TX NB PC Envy 4-1050TX Envy 4-1111TX Envy 4-1222TU Envy UltraBook 4-1016NR
Envy 4-1019TU Envy 4-1050TX UltraBook PC Envy 4-1111TX UltraBook PC Envy 4-1223TU Envy UltraBook 4-1016TX
Envy 4-1019TU NB PC Envy 4-1051ER Envy 4-1112EA Envy 4-1224TX Envy UltraBook 4-1017NR
Envy 4-1019TX Envy 4-1051TU Envy 4-1112SA Envy 4-1224TX UltraBook Envy UltraBook 4-1017TU
Envy 4-1019TX NB PC Envy 4-1051TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1112TU Envy 4-1225TU Envy UltraBook 4-1017TX
Envy 4-1019WM Envy 4-1051TX Envy 4-1112TX Envy 4-1225TU UltraBook Envy UltraBook 4-1018TX
Envy 4-1020EA Envy 4-1051TX UltraBook PC Envy 4-1112TX UltraBook PC Envy 4-1226TX Envy UltraBook 4-1019TU
Envy 4-1020EB Envy 4-1052ER Envy 4-1113TU Envy 4-1226TX UltraBook Envy UltraBook 4-1019WM
Envy 4-1020EN Envy 4-1052TU Envy 4-1113TX Envy 4-1227TU Envy UltraBook 4-1020EA
Envy 4-1020ES Envy 4-1052TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1113TX UltraBook PC Envy 4-1227TU UltraBook Envy UltraBook 4-1020EB
Envy 4-1020EW Envy 4-1052TX Envy 4-1114TU Envy 4-1227TX Envy UltraBook 4-1020ES
Envy 4-1020SA Envy 4-1052TX UltraBook PC Envy 4-1114TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1227TX SleekBook Envy UltraBook 4-1020EW
Envy 4-1020SB Envy 4-1053TU Envy 4-1114TX Envy 4-1228TX Envy UltraBook 4-1020SS
Envy 4-1020SN Envy 4-1053TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1114TX UltraBook PC Envy 4-1228TX SleekBook Envy UltraBook 4-1020SW
Envy 4-1020SS Envy 4-1053TX Envy 4-1115DX Envy 4-1229TX Envy UltraBook 4-1020TX
Envy 4-1020SW Envy 4-1053TX UltraBook PC Envy 4-1115DX TouchSmart UltraBook Envy 4-1229TX UltraBook Envy UltraBook 4-1023TX
Envy 4-1020TU Envy 4-1054TU Envy 4-1115TU Envy 4-1230EB Envy UltraBook 4-1028TU
Envy 4-1020TU NB PC Envy 4-1054TU NB PC HK Envy 4-1115TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1230TU Envy UltraBook 4-1029TU
Envy 4-1020TX Envy 4-1054TX Envy 4-1115TX Envy 4-1231TU Envy UltraBook 4-1030CA
Envy 4-1020TX NB PC Envy 4-1054TX UltraBook PC Envy 4-1115TX UltraBook PC Envy 4-1232TU Envy UltraBook 4-1030ED
Envy 4-1021TU Envy 4-1055ER Envy 4-1116TU Envy 4-1233TU Envy UltraBook 4-1030EN
Envy 4-1021TU NB PC Envy 4-1055TU Envy 4-1116TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1234TU Envy UltraBook 4-1030SD
Envy 4-1021TX Envy 4-1055TU SleekBook PC Envy 4-1116TX Envy 4-1235EA Envy UltraBook 4-1030SN
Envy 4-1021TX NB PC Envy 4-1055TX Envy 4-1117NR Envy 4-1235SA Envy UltraBook 4-1030SS
Envy 4-1022TU Envy 4-1055TX SleekBook PC Envy 4-1117NR UltraBook Envy 4-1235TU Envy UltraBook 4-1030TU
Envy 4-1022TU NB PC Envy 4-1056ER Envy 4-1117TU Envy 4-1236SA Envy UltraBook 4-1030US
Envy 4-1022TX Envy 4-1056TX Envy 4-1117TX Envy 4-1236TU Envy UltraBook 4-1031TU
Envy 4-1022TX NB PC Envy 4-1056TX UltraBook PC Envy 4-1118TU Envy 4-1236TX Envy UltraBook 4-1031TX
Envy 4-1023TU Envy 4-1057TX Envy 4-1118TX Envy 4-1236TX SleekBook Envy UltraBook 4-1035SG
Envy 4-1023TU NB PC Envy 4-1057TX UltraBook PC Envy 4-1119TU Envy 4-1237TX Envy UltraBook 4-1035TU
Envy 4-1023TX Envy 4-1058TX Envy 4-1119TX Envy 4-1237TX SleekBook Envy UltraBook 4-1035TX
Envy 4-1023TX NB PC Envy 4-1058TX SleekBook PC Envy 4-1120EW Envy 4-1238TX Envy UltraBook 4-1036TX
Envy 4-1024TU Envy 4-1059TX Envy 4-1120SW Envy 4-1238TX SleekBook Envy UltraBook 4-1037TX
Envy 4-1024TU NB PC Envy 4-1059TX SleekBook PC Envy 4-1120TU Envy 4-1239TU Envy UltraBook 4-1038NR
Envy 4-1024TX Envy 4-1060EZ Envy 4-1120TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1240TX Envy UltraBook 4-1038TU
Envy 4-1024TX NB PC Envy 4-1060TX Envy 4-1121TU Envy 4-1240TX SleekBook Envy UltraBook 4-1050CA
Envy 4-1025TU Envy 4-1060TX UltraBook PC Envy 4-1121TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1241TU Envy UltraBook 4-1116TX
Envy 4-1025TU NB PC Envy 4-1061TX Envy 4-1122TU Envy 4-1242TU Envy UltraBook 4-1117TX
Envy 4-1025TX Envy 4-1061TX UltraBook PC Envy 4-1122TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1243TU Envy UltraBook 4-1118TX
Envy 4-1025TX NB PC Envy 4-1062EF Envy 4-1123TU Envy 4-1244TX Envy UltraBook 4-1127TU
Envy 4-1026TU Envy 4-1062SF Envy 4-1123TU UltraBook PC Envy 4-1245TU Envy UltraBook 4-1130BR
Envy 4-1026TU NB PC Envy 4-1062TX Envy 4-1124TU Envy 4-1246TX Envy UltraBook 4T-1100
Envy 4-1026TX Envy 4-1062TX SleekBook PC Envy 4-1125TU Envy 4-1246TX UltraBook Envy4-1018TX
Envy 4-1026TX NB PC Envy 4-1063TX Envy 4-1126TU Envy 4-1247TU Envy4-1106TU NB PC AUST
Envy 4-1027TX Envy 4-1063TX SleekBook PC Envy 4-1127TU Envy 4-1247TU UltraBook IDS UMA I5-3317U 4-B000 BNBPC
Envy 4-1027TX NB PC Envy 4-1064TX Envy 4-1128TX Envy 4-1250EF UltraBook 4-1100
Envy 4-1028TU Envy 4-1064TX SleekBook PC Envy 4-1129TU Envy 4-1250EZ


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