Lenovo Thinkpad L470 L480 L560 L570 SB10H45071 00NY486 00NY488 Laptop Battery (6M)

Lenovo Thinkpad L470 L480 L560 L570 SB10H45071 00NY486 00NY488 Laptop Battery (6M)

  • Battery rating: 10.8V
  • Battery capacity: 4400mAh (48Wh)
  • Battery cells: 6-cell
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: Black


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00NY486, 00NY488, 00NY489, 3INR19/66-2, 3INR19/662, B10H45071, SB10H45071, SB10H45073, SB10H45074

Fit Models:
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Lenovo ThinkPad L560 Series
TP L560 20F10003AU TP L560 20F10006AU TP L560 20F1000YAU
TP L560 20F10010AU TP L560 20F1003YAU TP L560 20F1A01FAU
TP L560 20F1A01GAU TP L560 20F1S0K000 TP L560 20F20010AU
TP L560 20F2001CAU TP L560 20F2001SAU TP L560 20F2001TAU
TP L560 20F2001YAU TP L560 20F2002JAU TP L560 20F2A00BAU
TP L560 20F2A1PXNZ TP L560 20F2S0AP00 TP L560 20F2S0F500
TP L560 20F2S0KD00 TP L560 20F2S0RB00 TP L560 20F2S0X20Z
TP L560 20F2S13P00 TP L560 20F2S1HP00 TP L560 20F2S1LL00
TP L560 20F2S1MJ00 TP L560 20F2S1P800 TP L560 20F2S1R500
TP L560 20F2S22J00 TP L560 20F2S29W00 TP L560 20F2S2KR00
TP L560 20F2S2L700 TP L560 20F2S2MQ00 TP L560 20F2S2QQ00
TP L560 20F2S2YQ00 TP L560 20F2S34000 TP L560 20F2S35E00
TP L560 20F2S35Q00 TP L560 20F2S39100 TP L560 20F2S39900
TP L560 20F2S3B100
Lenovo Series
ThinkPad L570 20J8CTO1WW Tx TP L570 20J8000FAU TP L570 20J8002KAU
TP L570 20J8A011AU TP L570 20J8A012AU TP L570 20J8A013AU
TP L570 20J8S00W00 TP L570 20J8S05Y00 TP L570 20J8S06U00
TP L570 20J8S08C00 TP L570 20J8S0AB00 TP L570 20J8S0BJ00
TP L570 20J90017AU TP L570 20J90018AU TP L570 20J9A087NZ
TP L570 20J9A0D4NZ TP L570 20J9S0DA00 TP L570 20J9S20M00
TP L570 20J9S37K00 TP L570 20JQA000AU TP L570 20JQA001AU
TP L570 20JR000CAU TP L570 20JRS00J1U TP L570 20JRS00R00
TP L570 20JRS01500 TP L570 20JRS01M00 TP L570 20JRS05G00
TP L570 20JRS0GG00 TP L570 20JRS10100 TP L570 20JRS12P00
TP L570 20JRS20T00 TP L570 20JRS24700 TP L570 20JRS2BV00
TP L570 20JRS2CP00 TP L570 20JRS2CW00 TP L570 20JRS2E300
Lenovo Series
Thinkpad L570 ThinkPad L570 20J8/20J9 ThinkPad L570 20J80019GE
ThinkPad L570 20J8001AMZ ThinkPad L570 20J8001BGE ThinkPad L570 20J8001BMZ
ThinkPad L570 20J8001EIX ThinkPad L570 20J8001JMZ ThinkPad L570 20J8001LGE
ThinkPad L570 20J8001MGE ThinkPad L570 20J8001XMX ThinkPad L570 20J8002JGE
Thinkpad L570 20J9S01600 ThinkPad L570 20J9S11200 ThinkPad L570 20JQ/20JR
ThinkPad L570 20JQ000PGE ThinkPad L570 20JQ000PMZ ThinkPad L570 20JRS08800
Lenovo Series
L560 L560-7CD L5607CD
L560-ACD L560ACD ThinkPad L560
ThinkPad L560(20F1/20F2) ThinkPad L560(20F1001YGE) ThinkPad L560(20F10022GE)
ThinkPad L560(20F10025GE) ThinkPad L560(20F10026GE) ThinkPad L560(20F10032GE)
ThinkPad L560(20F1S0X705) ThinkPad L560(20F1S0X706) ThinkPad L560(20F2A007CD)
ThinkPad L560(20F2A06ACD) ThinkPad L560(20F2A0J1CD) ThinkPad L560(20F2S1SL00)
ThinkPad L560(20F2S2PT00) ThinkPad L560(20F2S2QS00)
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